oh manI wuv you guys,,,


hekkollllllll!! I'm abit pished. I'm a bit of a bad girl today because yesyerday was my birthday....it was the worstest birthday erverf!!1 so...I have gone out tonight...but as you can tell I am now home... 4 glassses of wine later and a gazzillion waters late I am here!! vcery strange how I have a compulsion to come on minimins.

I'm not always all that open about my emotions and stuff, thats my buisiness adn I'ma bit wary of people due to my scorpio nature...don't trust easily...but you guys,,,you guys alwa7ys cheer me up and make me a happy Nicole which is a good thign because I'm quite a sad Nicole so thank you to everyone who ever posts, not just the people who I reply too cause I'm a lurker and it is often the people who I don't always reply to that strike a chord with me and makme me have the will to carry on!

So thank you...please don't mention this to me in a few hours...I won't remember, and if I do remnember I will be too embarrassed to admit thaat I do!!!

wuv you guys even though I don't say it or act like it...xxx
Just in case you delete this when you sober up :rolleyes: - I just wanted to say I'm so glad you had a great time tonight honey .. and I know just what you mean about not always putting stuff down 'on paper' as I don't do it either. Doesn't mean to say we don't feel those lovely emotions though - and that's always a VERY good thing :D

Lots of love
Reckon we should make this a sticky :D

So glad you had a good time Nicole. You deserve it:)

I've got the paracetamol ready for you in the morning and we'll try to keep noise to a minimum ;)
Morning!!! *tries not to bang things around making noise at this time of the morning* :D

Glad you had a better day than on Monday

Love Kitty xxx

Hope heads not toooooooo bad this morning. Plenty of water should help.

If you can't go out and have a good time on your


then when can you.

This should be a sticky as it came from the heart and I think at times we have all felt like you.
LMAO! Glad you had a good night out.

LOL !! hilarious - glad u had a great time ;)


PMSL - sort of thing I would do, night out on the P!55 and onto the net, spelling - whats that, waffle on, hell yeah.

Glad you had a good night

Mel :D