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oh my gosh


im finding it so difficult especially drinking the water. i also find it difficult when im at my moms house as she keeps on offering food as says go on just have a little it wont do any harm

please tell me what i should do especially about the water,

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Back to the grindstone!!
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I know it takes some getting used to but the best way I found was to have a glass every hour and it soon mounts up. A little often is the best way and just remember that the more water you manage then the more weight you will lose!! It really does work.
As for your mum, well, it is a difficult one but you have to sit her down and explain that you are doing yourself good by what you are doing and that she is not helping you by offering you food. It is difficult at times but stick with it and what you will probably find is that as she sees you losing the weight then she will perhaps realise that you were right. If she still keeps offereing you food then I would either take a pack, or a bar and eat/drink that with her or stop going round unless she promises to stop offering you food!!!! Bit drastic but the reality is that you are doing something fantastic for yourself and you shouldn't let anyone try to put you off or lead you astray.
Take it from me, it works, look at my tracker!!! It will be the very best thing that you do for yourself.
Why not point her in this direction and let her see for herself the inspirational slide show?
Good luck and keep drinking the water!!!


Happily pro pointing!
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I struggled with the water at first but there are quite a few different things you can have to make it less boring. If you take the water flavours you can have both of those, hot, cold or fizzy. peppermint tea, black tea or coffee. plain and fizzy water. I tend to alternate between them and find it easier.
Hi Onlyif,

I found the water hard at first also - as didnt even know how much i was drinking! So what I do now is use a bottle (not a baby one! lol) to monitor how much I have had and it also breaks it down into more managable chunks. I have the 75cl Evian bottle and you need to have 6 (just over 4 litres) to do your days intake. I have 3 during work 9 - 5ish. Then 3 in the evening and its so much more managable. Also at weekends I dont get up til later so have to have try and drink as much as I can to catch up - so i measuered how many pint glasses it takes to fill the 75 cl bott (its 3 but my pint glass glasses are a odd shape). And then just down the 3 glasses as soon as I get up. Then i only have the 3 litres to catch up on. Its not nice as its cold but i do it. Also I suddenly LOVE sparkling water! I used to hate it. Maybe give that a try? Thats the only thing i would say about doing LL in the winter is that the water is hard to drink as its sooo cold out. Poss easier to drink it in the summer heat. Then again.... id rather do it now when every1 is hibernating and be slim for summer!

Also I did try a 1litre vovic bottle but I found the bottle was so big I felt like i was drinking a river. Even though I only need to drink 4 of those - I founder it harder as you cant see it going down in the bottle. So maybe test a few bottle sizes?

Re your mum - your going to have a word hun. One of the girls at group told us of her best friend who she lives with that keeps offering her food & making her hold her plates! (not kidding!!) and also if she said she really faniced something - her friend would buy it and eat it in front of her and say how good it is. She didnt see at first how bad this was until she told us and our jaws hit the floor! Since then she has been firm with her friend and says No dont do that!

Im not sure what week you are in - but in week 4 we have just talked about 'being stroked' (its week 4/5 in your book) and I think this might help in this situation as you could explain to your mum that her saying 'oh a little wont hurt' is actually a negetive stoke for you and would rather she didnt say that. Instead a postive stoke such as 'your doing so well would you like me to make your pack - instead of a snack?'

My mum was a bit odd at first and she has got better and been very supportive since - esp as she has seen the weight falling off. People find it hard to except that we are trying to change things and maybe wish they could build up the courage themselves. Could it be that your mum wants to try also?

P x
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Definitely drink from bottles-I can never manage it if I drink from a glass.I have a bottle permanently attached to my side -lol

Deb G

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Bottles - I use 1litre ones.

I have one with my hot chocolate for breakfast.
One on the way to work in the car.
I keep a 2 litre bottle of sparkling at my desk which I drink all day with water flavourings. I don't go home till its empty.

Then when I get home I drink however much I want, safe in the knowledge that I have had my 4 litres already!!

Except Wednesday (weigh day) where I drink 3 litres before 12 then nothing else until after weigh in - 1 litre = 1kg so I don't want THAT in my tummy when I get weighed!!!
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I started 2 weeks ago and yeah I am finding the water sooo hard to drink. The last few days I only managed about 2 litres and was starting to panic what would happen if I didnt drink enough!

Bottled water is great but trying to carry around great big bottles is a nightmare at work!

I have gone from being the Diet Coke queen.. like my desk was never without a can of diet coke.. to drinking gallons of water.. my work mates are like... whats in the water dude? Can we have some??

Lots of tips above though.. so going to try some out. Thanks


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I count my litres every day and I have found best way is to fill up 8 litres of bottles (1 5litre, 1 1.5litre) And sit them on my desk. I have a pint glass by me and i just keep pouring them in.
Even though I've now swapped over to Cambridge I still drink at least 4 litres a day - sometimes more. I find it dead easy now and manage it without even thinking about it. I use a 1 litre Volvic bottle (I have a collection of them!) and find they're really not very cumbersome to carry round- they fit in my handbag and thats no mean feat considering my bag contains no less than 7 kinds of lip gloss, hairbrushes, perfume, umbrella, gloves, purse, iPod, phone, keys and various other random paraphenalia lol!
On LL you just need to make sure you drink a litre with each pack. I drink a litre before/on the way to work, 1 litre before lunchtime, one in the afternoon and then 1 at home in the evening.
I also rarely drink water without flavouring (in fact the only time I drink plain water is in a pub as I think getting out a tub of white powder is slightly dubious!) and most of the time I drink the water hot (not boiling - just out of the hot tap) which I find makes it much easier to drink , kinda warms you up (anything is worth a try - for the last 2 nights I've had 3 hotwater bottles in my bed!) and apparently is good for your bowels ;o)
If you think drinking hot water sounds vile - I'd recommend you just try it with some FotF flavouring and you might be swayed

MM x

Deb G

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It iws hard at first, but now I find it SOO easy and I get thirsty if I've not had my four litres by 3pm!
I find it easier from a glass, got a big mouth and more goes in that way. I must admit it got twice as easy when I bought the flavourings.

I use 500ml bottles and tick them of on the calendar until I have done the 4 litres. Try to drink 1 litre before work and then 2 litres at work and the rest during the evening. The only drawback I sometimes have to get up twice in the night - boring!!"":mad:

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