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Oh no, cold turkey now Ive lost my addiction...

....to my scales :cry: I got on them last night and I was 7 stone 12, wow I had lost about 3 stone lol. I then jumped on again and was 103 stone 88 :eek:. I think they have water in them so im cold turkey, as I use weigh myself at least twice a day. A little voice says 'go buy some more as it keeps you motivated' and another says 'no be 100% and wait for a suprise on WI day.' Not sure what to do:confused:
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can see the end in sight!
wait!! thats what i would do. my addiction to the scales are awful. i have to get my BF to hide them from me!
hmm, if it honestly helps you to stay motivated then id say get them!! but why not go cold turkey for a week just to see how it feels? x
haha 2 posts at the same time with different advice oops :p


Silver Member
i managed first 12 days without them (asked OH to keep battery from me!) and i found that i was really focussed. Got battery back to do unofficial WI (CDC on hol) and thats me back on them again twice a day.
Its my TOTM so will not read right so i should be strong and get battteries away until after the weekend and get a nice surprice.


A pound at a time
Oh my. If you manage to wait until your weigh in you are stronger than me. I'd be out in the shops getting a new one before I could be on minimins. LOL


Stubborn tortoise
I'll have the old ones Trip, worth it just on the off chance they ever say 7st to me too... not in this lifetime!!!

Lol Katy, thats what I thought, in my best Peter Kay accent 'i lost 3 stone... in a DAY!' Then again they also said I put on 93 stones.

Thanks all. I think I may get some new ones....after WI.... not sure if I can hang on until Tuesday but will give it a good go. Im itching now to knock on next doors and jump on theirs but I know all scales are different so won't get a proper reading:cry:


Stubborn tortoise
By the way, are you sure cold turkey is allowed on CD? Lol!!!



taking it 1 day at a time
Couldn't do without my scales. Losses spur me on and gains give me a kick up the proverbial.
yep cold turkey is fine on SS+ and 810 heheheheheh :D

When my scales went funny I went out and got some new ones the same day :D


Stubborn tortoise
Think Trip is still on SW, but just popped back to tell us of her huuuuge weight loss... and then the shocking news that she put on 93stone with SW!!!! Now that would NEVER have happened with CD, surely? Lol!!!!

Gosh id have to buy new ones.. I couldnt wait till weigh in day to find out.. and if I had only lost like 1lb at the end of the week Id be so demotivated! At least weighing every day you know its coming!


Silver Member
Go & get some more.... If my scales broke I would lose the will to live!!

I've always had digital & I went & got some new ones recently as the ones I had only gave you a reading to the lb....
The new ones give you you a fraction after the lb... how bad is that!!
LOL, thanks all. :p
Well I am doing a bit of both diets at the mo.
Oh dear I gave in last night. :sigh: I remembered I had a new set sent to me a few weeks ago and had put them in the garage. So I am now addicted yet again!
ok, i was thinking of buying scales anyway, but reading this thread just pushed me that little bit further.

so just got back from jolly argos with some weight watcher scales, and IF these are accurate (shall compare them with boots scaes tomorrow) then iv lost a HELL of a lot of weight in just 4 days. trying not to get too excited cause they might be just trying to charm me into thinking they are fantastic.

roll on tomorrow!

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