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Oh No Finding It Hard To Resist Sunday Lunch

Hello All

I have had such a good weight loss this week and I am fighting it really hard but I really really really want a sunday lunch. Last night I was naughty and had some alchoholic beverages, it seemed rude not to on a night out. Have check and still in Ketosis so hopefully not done that much damage. The problem is I really feel lousy and my body feels like it really needs food. I have had one Shake so far today and Im just wondering if i have no more shakes do you think it will be okay to have a small dinner. I have been trying all day to fight this urge and have coped up untill now

Please Help:cry:
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huney u will feel awful if u give in and have a lunch, this is the hardest diet in the world and its days like this that will either make or break us!!! sounds like ur body is hungover and crying out for carbs, dont give in pet, and ull b walking ten feet tall tomorrow cos ull be so proud of urself!!!


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Everychangingme , really this diet CD , is something you really should not do eat , i know how you are feeling really i do , as the last few days i have so missed food , but you know its made me down but i just can't give in , i'm waiting for my add a meal week . How long have you been doing CD , did you see the sunday mirror magazine , where the lady as lost a whopping 11 stone on LL its the same as CD . ? you really ned to skip the sunday luch if you can , to stay on CD . I'm more postive today so i'm glad i never gave in fri and sat
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Please resist, you will feel much worse for having it, remember nothing will taste as good as success will feel. Glug some more water down and maybe have a lie down or go and read a book in your bedroom to get yourself away from the smell.

Finally bit of advice - remember how good you felt when you got on the scales for your first WI, hold onto that feeling tightly and don't ever let it go!



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Everchangingme , have you nipped off to have that lunch , we will find you lol
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Step away from the lunch. Seriously it is not worth it, just like Ms JMC says we will find out!!!! Please don't.


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Its easy to say don't do it!!! and it you know you'd feel much better in yourself for resisting. However, we all have a weak moments...
I had the same thing, I REALLY badly wanted a lamb sunday dinner so i compromised. I had some lamb! lol and i did feel bad but i had it with nothing, no gravy, no salt, no veg, just bland meat. Its carb free so it didn't effect ketosis and as it wasn't that great its completely abolished any further cravings for it.

So if you don't think you cant resist and want to minimise the damage, this is the best thing i can suggest. Just have a bit of the meat, bland-its important not to have anything with carbs with it.

I'm not telling you to eat, i'm just trying to offer a sensible alternative to cold turkey (excuse the pun)
Hi everchangingme, just read your last post that you've had a REALLY good week and if you can remember back to your day 3 where you felt really bad and craved food and nothing would get rid of that craving but can u remember how good you felt when you said NO go look online at some nice clothes that you'll be able to treat yourself to this christmas that tastes SO MUCH better than food especialy when you've dropped a few dress sizes, you CAN do this hun!!!
Well ladies I have managed to survive till 4.00pm and No sign of a dinner infront of me!!!!!!!!! Go me the day isnt over so there still is time to give into temptation but Ive got this far its not going to much harder now!!!

Ive decided that i am going to try the MIXAMOOSE in my next shake and have a bar later. Something new and exciting to help me look forward to my next mean which I hope doesnt consist of food!!!

Thanks for all the encouragment, you guys are the bestest:cool:
Well done everchangingme you should be really proud of yourself!!! You can do this!!!!


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Well done on resisting the sunday dinner :p - and enjoy the mousse, I love the choc mint as a mousse :drool:

I noticed from your first post that you mentioned you had a few drinks last night - I hate to be the bearer of bad news but alcohol on CD, particularly the lower plans like SS and 790 where you are ketotic, is a big No No.

There are a couple of threads on here about the dangers of drinking alcohol while on a vlcd like cambridge eg http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/18751-how-bad-alcohol.html

I don't mean to be negative but I would hate to think of you potentially making yourself quite ill by mixing alcohol and ketosis.
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So pleased you managed to resist it will be worth it, well done!!

Well done honey! You know that I am so proud of you but I just wanted to say it again! Well done :) You are doing so well!! Woo hoo!

Am off now to poke my head around the door of the SW forum and see if they will have me ;) xxx


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Well done on not giving in !

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