Oh no ! not again !!!!!

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  1. canaryellow

    canaryellow Full Member

    Hi everyone... :D

    I dont really know where to start, when i first started this diet some 19 weeks ago, i was determined.. dedicated and not a single thing passed my lips that shouldnt have..

    However this past 2 weeks i have had alot more things passing my lips that i shouldnt have, lol
    The odd biccie here, the odd piece of fruit there..

    After ive eated it and to be honest enjoyed it, i feel gutted and cheesed off, i only have another 15lb as i want to get to 14 stone ! (starting weight was 21stone 9lb) so yeah i have done and come so far, and everyone has told me how good i look etc..
    So why do i keep doing this !! :sigh:
    i tell meself that each thing i have is gonna take me maybe another few days to put things right, i start the day with utter determination.. then it just seems to go all wrong,.

    Please help !

    x x
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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Hey you

    They do say the last stone or so is the hardest. People are paying you compliments, you can shop pretty much wherever you want to, you have come so far but....

    ...you haven't reached where you want to be. So you need to tighten up your resolve, start moving up the programmes and lose the rest of it. Are you on 790 now? Because with a stone or so to go, that is the right thing to be doing.

    Talk to your counsellor about moving up the steps, and you WILL get to where you want to be :hug99:
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  4. canaryellow

    canaryellow Full Member

    Hi D_Q

    No still on SS, but its my AAM the week after next, My Hubby and I started the plan together and he has now started the 1200 plan, and he says its great..

    I think moving up to the next stage would be good for me, as i must admit i am finding the SS very boring and tiresome !

    Its been a great diet, i have achieved so much and it def works.. and being able to shop just about anywhere is brilliant :) no more Evans.. lol
  5. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    well done lovey,i think this is the reason i end up getting bigger and bigger because i never get to where i want to be.
    I loose a bit ,end up thinking i dont look to bad then binge etc etc xx
  6. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Is difficult when you are doing it with someone else and they are on a different level to you. I think you're gonna be find though mate :cool:
  7. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    I thought I had written this post , I am just the same. I still have about a stone and a bit , but I love being in a size 14 and think I look OK as I am 5 foot 8 inches tall. I think part of me dosent want to give up all the new size 14 clothes I have bought , is crazy I know! fancy being scared to be a size 12 , its all I wanted my entire adult life, but I think I am now just past wanting it anymore.
    Bur as someone has already said , if you dont follow it through , psychologically you feel like you failed , even though its still a massive achievement , so I really must get back on track and get into the 12 stone somethings .
    Lets pledge to put an end to this nibbling and get rid of this last bit for good.
  8. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Im there with you, 9lbs or so to go, its getting to the point were Im thinking, what am I doing this for, I went shopping today, and a pair of size 14's was too big, last July a pair of size 14s wouldnt go past my bleedin ankle!!!!

    So why am, I doing this to myself??????????????

    Because I want to get to that goal, the elusive goal, the one where I should be, or my brain says I should be, my mouth says different, like you, its the odd biccie, the odd price of chicken, more salad than I should.

    ARgh!!!!!!!!!! What are we like, but, at least we arent alone, and we have the advice of others on here.

    We will do it, just that last bit, push on, and lets get it off x
  9. bindiboo

    bindiboo Hi its me again

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    i am another one that know what you are feeling. I have picked and picked. still have lost weight every week but not as much as i could have. ss is getting a bit boring for me and i think i will talk to my cdc next weigh in about going onto 790. I think as i am getting closer to my goal (size goal is even closer than my weight goal) it is getting much harder to keep to all that positive thinking and motivation. I dont want to be what i was 5 months ago and thinking beyond to when I do hit target is scary..........
  10. canaryellow

    canaryellow Full Member

    Phew........ and i thought i was the only one, lol

    Why do we do it, ive been thinking about this over a cup of black coffee (no biccies), i think its coz were inwardly happy where we are !
    so the week after next is my AAM and im gonna ask to be on 790 instead, i know its not that exciting but its something to def look forward too,.
    But would that make me want to be determined.. yes i think so,

    So good luck to everyone out there struggling just like me, lets do it.. one last push....................

    x x
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