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Oh nooooo...

Apparently ketostix only show up one kind of ketones so are not always 100% indicator of if you are in ketosis or not! (I phoned the lipotrim helpline and someone there explained this to me a while back.)If you have stuck to the diet you should be fine! My chemist doesn't even recommend using the sticks because of this.Keep going, it will be so worth it!
Don't worry about it...Had you drunk a lot of water before going to the loo?? it maybe that the water has passed through too quick to pick up the ketones on its way back out. The sticks are not always reliable.

As long as you have stuck to the diet hun, you will still be in ketosis so just don't panic xx
o_O what on earth is ketosis?
Hi Emma, as you're following a conventional diet you won't have to worry about ketosis but, just in case you're interested, it's a bodily state whereby you body is burning fat (you need to google it for a proper explanation) but the beauty of it is that it stops you feeling hungry which is why everyone here on LT is able to stick to the diet!
TBH it's much easier to stick to a VLCD than it is to go to WW......most of us have tried both!:sigh:

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