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Oh Noooooo! i had food!!!!!!!

Hi everyone.....i had a really bad day!
I went shopping in Belfast and was armed with my shaker and shakes! All set to be 100% as i am getting weighed in the morning!
I was great until about 6.30 when we were coming home...the drive is about 1 1/2 hours...we stopped at a shop and i had to eat...my energy levels were sooo low and i couldnt fight it any more!
I only ate a small amount but im gutted!
I had lettuce, 2 slices of cucumber, some peppers and 3 slices of horrible processed chicken!!!!! :(:(:(
Im thinking this could be my 1st day of refeed and then i was planning to go to SW as i dont think i can do this no eating thing anymore!
What should i do??????
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It was not chocolate or cake, so I wouldn't panic if I were you. Eating was better than fainting. Sounds like you made the best choice available to you. So, don't beat yourself up :)
Its not an easy diet so dont beat yourself up about it. The first time I tried LT I didnt even last 3 days, found it so hard that I had to give up. Hope you find something that suits you :)


Back on the diet train...
hey hun this is not the most convenient diet and like your situation sometimes you do need to have food if you cant make a shake and the good thing is you didnt have any bad stuff as such. proteins are the best to go for. :)

with regards to doing a food diet thats up to you hun. i will say that after some time on this diet you do get into a routine with shakes and times etc. the other day i didnt have my last shake till after 11 at night and thats not because i felt hungry but because i knew i had to have it. ;)

but you have to do whats best for you hun. i wish you well with whatever you decide. :)

good luck


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Don't give up. Did you drink enough water through the day yesterday??? I know, when I had long days away that I started to flag and really felt like eating. However, I realised that I needed to keep my water intake up. I carried a bottle of water with me and kept sipping. This really helped keep me going till I got home to my shake.
Start afresh today and keep at it. You will be glad you did.
Thanks Ladies...I was so gutted last night!
I had 3 bottles of sparking water with me but we bought so much stuff in Ikea it was exhausting!!!!
Im back on top form this morning as i got weighed at 9.30 and have lost 11lbs this week!!!!! YES ELEVEN!!!
Im soooooo pleased and will do this for another week!!!!
This forum is the best ever xxx
Keep going girl, 11lbs is a fantastic loss!! I've only started today so I have a long road ahead of me! Did the diet before about 3 and a half years ago and lost a wopping 5 stone in less than 4 months! But sadly gained back nearly 4 of those stones in the past year due to back injury and turned to food through boredom..But I'm starting back today and know it's going to be hard but I think these forums are a great help.

So keep going and I will look forward to reading your next weigh in post and share mine with you.

All the best!



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Well done! Thats a fab loss :)
Fabulous loss...and you showed real discipline in just having salad and chicken- I'd have been reaching for carbs!!! Well done for picking the healthy choice....and don't go hating yourself for eating- sometimes LT is tricky to fit in around 'normal' life!

The flapjacks taste extremely dry, boring, and disgusting I think. I heved when I tried one and ive got like 2 left that I have to eat. The soup gets very boring after a few days and doesn't taste great either - I've read a few things around the internet saying they put pepper in the soup and I tried this and it tastes a lot better, but I don't know if its allowed or not so don't take this as 100% safe. Theres plenty of ideas for the shakes etc just look round the forums for them =))

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