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OH *not* being helpful!!


My usually wonderful, supportive OH who has stood by me through uni, allowed me to move 170 miles away from him to be with family and is generally my knight in shining armour... has one vice. He doesn't support my weight loss.

He makes all the right noises, oh you're doing really well, I'm really proud of you... Then we have massive cuffufles like today, where he's arguing with me that I should be able to have a "cheat day" every week where I can pig out on whatever I want - Not helpful, as he knows that given that opportunity, my list of sins can include an entire tub of Ben and Jerrys, family sized chocolate bars, multi-packs of crisps and the usual suspects.

When I bring him up on it and say that it's not what I want to do, he argues that I go to the gym enough and I'm good enough through the week that I'm just making myself miserable by resisting temptation - No dear, I'm making myself miserable by eating myself into obesity!!

Anyone else struggle with their better halves?!
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Oh dear! Maybe you should have a chat with him about what's actually involved in the diet and what you can and can't do.

My OH is pretty supportive but it's not easy when one of you is on the diet and the other isn't as you're going to have to sit there while they eat. I've been pretty lucky that my OH likes a lot of things I don't so she's using the chance to have them, not so bad watching them eat when you don't like what they're having!

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