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  1. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I started on step 2 in October and am quite pleased with the 2 stone I've lost since then (including the hiatus that Xmas inevitable caused). My other half was quite supportive to begin with but over time he has become less so. He still gets proper meals in the evening cooked for him, I buy the snacks he asks for and have to resist them, I even find ways that we can still eat out occasionally. But he began offering me 'just a bit' of his mac and cheese or a few peanuts. It's hard enough to mentally say no without having all that food pushed on you. I always say no but I'm starting to feel worn down. I've asked him not to offer but he doesn't seem to get it. He is sat on the sofa eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's right now! Any advice on what I can do about it?

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  3. Maybe be a but firmer with him? Its not fair for him to offer you food when you've worked so hard! Don't let him tempt you with other foods. Maybe start being more selfish and focus just on you and let him cook his own dinner. Then he might realise that you really want to make a go of this diet since you've already done so well :) sorry if this advice is crap it's just what I'd do :) hope u get it sorted xx
  4. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Thanks chloedavis1993. I am going to try having a chat with him
    about it tonight. See what he says. I suppose it's just that I wouldn't consider it ok to feed someone who is clearly on a diet something they're not supposed to have. It's odd as he was so good in the beginning he was even eating the same meals as me but with added carbs.
  5. Yeah I totally a agree with you! Maybe he just needs a reminder of how important it is to you xx
  6. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Silver Member

    Is he threatened? I think people can worry that if their partners lose weight it will result in them leaving them to find someone better, so maybe give him tons of reassurance that weight loss won't change anything (without accusing him of sabotaging you) and be strict and ask him not to offer you food because it really upsets you.
  7. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    I read another post similare to this earlier, I had this issue 2 yrs ago with my OH, He got quite paranoid when I lost all the weight and started having more of a life, he admitted he was afraid I'd get thin and leave him, They get insecure too, He used to try and push food onto me too knowing I was really trying to lose the weight, This time he's much more supportive xx
  8. beckyk

    beckyk Member

    People can behave strange when they see you sticking to things, I've had a similar thing with a friend. Even got uninvited out for a friends bday as I told them I was sticking to plan but I would be the designated driver. Hope the chat went ok :)
  9. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I had considered the whole 'he's afraid he'll lose me' thing but I was quite svelte when we met some 16 years ago. I slowly put weight on and though tried to lose it several ways Cambridge is working so well for me. I dunno what it is with him but he has promised to be more considerate. I'll let you all know how he does!

    When ever I've had friends birthday parties on the plan I tend not to to tell them and just get fizzy water with a wedge of lemon from the bar and stick to salad and lean protein if I'm eating with them. Nobody so far has mentioned it. They probably think I'm pregnant! Lol!
  10. OH's can without realising it sabotage our efforts. I don't think they do it intentionally!
    My husband and I follow the same weight loss plans (usually!), I can cope with restricted carbs etc and have done six weeks on SS/SS+ and have just upped to Step 2, hubby has done the same however he already is eating bread in front of me, nachos with cheese - its clearly not on step 2 - I am trying to be strong, I dont want to be sabotaged!!!!

    Hope your chat goes well with your other half :)

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