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Ok I can do this - can't i ?


Have spent the last hour reading all your messages etc. Great for motivation but hoping i can find some within myself. So i am sat here with my 2nd shake of the day and a bottle of water, with the loo in the next room behind me.

I Normally work as a sales rep but have just been made redundant, so whilst i search for a new job i thought it would be a good time to start sole source as needing to wee every 15 mins doesnt help when you are on the motorway all day !

Have tried cambridge before and gave up i just couldn't get throught the evenings without eating ( sad but true) but this time i am determined.

Husband died 10 years ago in September & have suffered from depression since then and to be honest i now feel that i have wasted the last 10 years. I have put 8 stone on since then and i now feel so unhealthy. Summer is almost here, nothing fits and i feel like an elephant. So no-one can do this other than me so here i go.............. I have also come to realise just how low my confidence is although people around me don't see it - i know its true.
Mowed the lawn last night and thought i was going to pass out, thought about going for a swim but too embarrassed. Where does all this negative stuff end i thought ?
Hubby was love of my life diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease 8 months after we got married but the truth is if he is watching he would be giving me a kick up the you know where !!!
Life is for living and i intend to meet the anniversary in September head on - so i intend being happier, healthier and lighter for ME Oh how positive i sound ! but can i do it ? to be honest i think, i know, i have to do it.

I suffer from gout and i know that the mega amounts of water are going to make it worse but discussed it with councillor before and if i am sensible with the tablets i should get through it.

So here we go...............good luck to anyone else starting and everyone else already on their way.

Where can i get the countdown ticker thing from ?

Have a great weekend everyone at least if the weather is bad we will not have to put up with the smell of the barbecue's !

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i love minimins me :)
awww hun *hugs*

u can do this!!! i believe in u :) why dont u join our june challenge? i am starting again today too and is lucie so we can do this together :)

ur right bout the loo its defo the downside

i find evenings hard to, have u looked at maybe the 790 plan if nights r a problem? or if u r on the internet on an evening we could chat on msn?

to get a ticker, if u click on min it will take u to the website, follow the instructions to make one, it will then give u 3 codes choose the 1 for messageboards and then click on quick links at the top of this page and edit signature and cope n paste in there :)

good luck hun


Fuzzys Angel

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Hi Tanya

:hug99: Sorry to hear you've had rough times, i couldn't imagine how hard it must of been when you lost your husband. My hubby is my sole mate & my world i don't think i could cope losing him...Depression is an awful illness to live with, i too have suffered with it for 20 years on& off medication (not been on medication for nearly 12 months....That's the longest i've ever gone)

Glad to hear you are ready to tackle you weight, you're in the right place, people on here are extremely supportive & help get you through tough times (they certainly have helped me) You are sounding very positive hold onto that feeling hun & you'll be fine. CD is a great plan & really works..

Good luck hun, keep posting.....Look forward to reading your posts and watch to shrinking. To get a tricker just click on anyone elses that will send you too the link, then click on new tricker....xxx
Hi Tanya

I'm starting again next Saturday so will be a week behind you - sorry to hear about your tragedy but I'm sure your hubby would want you to move so the very best of luck with this and everything.



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hi tanya, sorry to here of ur loss keep strong u can do it. I have only just joined this site im on my 2nd week of the cd today, its hard going but just think how great u will look and feel by christmas!! i have a long way to go so will be here for ages yet if u wanna chat im here x


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Hi Tanya - sorry to hear you're had such a difficult time..:(

BUT you're here...and sounds like you're now ready to tackle your weight...we'll all be here to help and support you - this site is FAB !

Why not start a Diary...and then you can record your thoughts and feelings as the pounds melt away...and just think - you will be 4stone lighter by the anniversary in September !!!

Look forward to getting to know you...and sharing your success :)

lotsa love



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Hi Tanya

I'm really sorry to read about your husband, I can't even begin to imagine what you have been through ((hugs)).

You do sound as though you are in the right frame of mind to start Cambridge and what you have now that you didn't have last time is.....MINIMINS!!!!!!
This site is fab for support, encouragement or just for someone to rant at. We all understand the difficulties of Cambridge but we also can appreciate the achievements that others may not understand the importance of.

Go for it, You'll be great and keep posting.

Good Luck

Jazzy x


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)

1stly a very big welcome
you have been through so much

i know where your coming from with weight gain
through my own sorrows i now need to lose around 10 stone
i did nothing but comfort eat for years

anyways your here now and doing the c d
i wish you very good luck
i am on week 6 now
its been hard but coming on here and looking at all the success stories has kept me motivated

keep posting and stay positive then you will succeed

kaz :D
To all of you !
Thank you so much for all your comments what a great community this is.
i am looking forward to reading everyone's success but also to know that we are not alone when we have a bad time.
I tried lighterlife a few years ago and i enjoyed the group sessions but week by week people dropped out until there was only two of us. We decided that a) we couldn't afford it anymore b) we could buy Cambridge and keep in touch with other for encouragement c) Cambridge tastes better and there's more choice. Sadly my friend gave up but i heard from her last week and after her holiday she wants to give it another go. So..........guess what ? the first thing i will tell her about is all of you.
So thanks again as i feel so much better i am going to do my best to stick to this your support is amazing

xxxx Tanya xxx
Hi Tanya, so sorry you've had such a rough time :( This site is great - I've been SSing for just over a week now and started myself a diary tonight to keep track. Lots of support and friendliness in the challenge threads - I am just doing the 7 day one and have signed up for the June one too, it's a big help.
Good luck - when you feel the pounds rolling off it's a huge boost and makes it SO worthwhile :D
Thanks for your message.
All i can say is that i so envy that you are with the love of your life and it gladdened my heart to read your message as so many people seem unhappy these days. xxxx Tanya xxxx


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G: 12st0lb
We will help you as much as we can to get to your goal, if you need help, advice or just an ear, there is usually someone floating around.

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