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OK I Surrender


Uncut Diamond
S: 25st0lb C: 21st2lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 3st12lb(15.43%)
Just a quick question please.

Just started LT on Friday, local chemist did not seem particularly clued up, but to be honest, i am a typical bloke, so maybe she just was more used to talking to women who may be more talkative.(She Did say thay dont have many men).

Is the relationship with the chemist a factor in your success? I want (Need) this to work, and took a while to even go into the chemists, but it would be good to know if they are necessarily supportive?

Thanks all.
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mine was, but i know from the forum some arnt, BUT
everyone on here is really supportive so i'd ask any questions youve got on here


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Bill

I wish I could say All Pharmacies are supportive, wonderful, etc.....but they are not. Well, I am only going off what has been said on the forum.

It is awful really, considering how much LT cost.

Are they important....yes, and no! I say this because this forum has been a lifesaver for me! I dont think I would have been able to be where I am today if it wasnt for everyone on here. No matter what I have had to ask, there has always been someone there to help me.
Your pharmacy should be able to help you and just give you some support but more importantly,you shouldnt feel uncomfortable ( I think esp since you are male)..it is hard enough sometimes to tak the plunge and walk into the chemist....all that aside......can you maybe look for another chemist?????

Dont let that put you off, honestly! Because we are a great bunch in here and so long as you get weighed each week and also get your shakes; then go with it. You wont be disappointed one bit. The weight will come off you as soon as possible.

Let us know what you need to know.....main thing is do this 100%!!!! Be positive and dont think of what you cant eat, but what you will achieve by following the plan. Drink, drink, drink...oh, I mean the water :)!!! That is so important. And, once you get through your first few days and get into ketosis you will be running!

Some of the guys that have been on here, have lost a tremendous amount of weight..Adam, for one and he is now at goal and maintaining, but does come on now and again, so will be able to give you advice from a guy's point of view.

Well done on actually making the step, it isnt an easy one, but I am sure it is the best decision you have made regarding your weight loss.

Good luck though! It really is worth it.

Take care


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For me, i think yeah the relationship i had with the pharmacy had to be a good one. I mean i was determined to do the diet anyways and i would have done it even if i didnt like the people at the pharmacy but it just made it much easier, much more relaxed when it came to weigh in day.

Although, like scots said this forum is by far the most supportive place you can come. Its friendly, you'll get honest advice and praise when due - my journey on LT wouldnt have been such a breeze without this forum - its like my second home! :giggle:

Well done though for taking the plunge and starting - men lose weight so much quicker on this diet and if you stick at it 100% then you'll get maximum results in a short period of time :)


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The thing about the chemist is simple.
They are suppose to have all the information you need, have the shakes, soup, flapjacks (sometimes they do run out), they have to weigh you on start and every week thereafter and take down your weekly stats.
Also after the first week they are suppose to ask you of any discomfort or how you have dealt and felt with your first week.
To be honest that is it. They might be nice and talk, have a chat or laugh with you but that does not really help with the cravings, silly but important questions and constant support.

The thing that is important is the support at home and for me being on here. I have realised that supporting others here makes me more stronger.
While I am telling people to carry on keep at it and willing them on I am feeling that I can no way cheat after telling others not to :D

To be honest If it was not for this forum I dont think I would have been as motivated. Just looking at all the success is more then enough for any craving to dissapear.

I hope you are determained if you are then get ready for a major change in your life and a very very quick one at that. Good Luck.
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I agree with everyone else so can`t really add to it.

Just want to wish you good luck!!



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my chemist seemed great the first visit and promised health checks every week!
I have seen her 5 times now and she has only ever weighed me! No urine test or blood pressure!
But then I found this site and realised that as long as you get genuine support from SOMEWHERE, it doesn't matter where from!
The people on this site (and quite a few guys here too) will help and answer as many questions as you ask, no matter how silly they seem.
Good luck and stick to it NO CHEATING!
good luck you can do it!


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Yep good luck, my chemist is great so i am lucky they also phoned me on day 3 as that is when you feel the worst and she even gave me her mob no in case i needed her day or night, but its really funny all the LT girls i have met are a size 10 and gorgeous, so do you know what i do i bake them cupcakes and hope that in the end they put it on as i lose it, im so creul!, but seriously i do think its a good idea to have a good chemist(if possible)


Uncut Diamond
S: 25st0lb C: 21st2lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 3st12lb(15.43%)
Wow, some great responses, Thank You,

I think I will stick with the chemist I have, after all its my commitment and my responsibility, On Day 3 now, and having a bit of difficulty realising quite how food dependent I am, not just the eating but I miss shopping.......well kind of.

Back to work tomorrow though so the days should fly by.

Speaking of work, Is it ok to Mix a shake at 6am but not drink it till about 10?

Thanks again


S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

you are supposed to drink your shakes within 15 mins of making it so i wouldnt do that hun, the nutrients lose their... well nutrition i suppose!!!

as for the pharmacist thing - my pharmacy arent even trained!! they have a sister pharmacy about 5 miles away who are trained, and that's where i had my first session and who i call with any questions, but the actual one i go to every week just weigh me and sell me my shakes.

it doesnt matter to me, partly because i've done Lipotrim before and partly coz any question you have be answered on here (well nearly everything) so it down to you really, if you feel like you need that special relationship then you may have to force one! xx


Uncut Diamond
S: 25st0lb C: 21st2lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 3st12lb(15.43%)
Thanks Sarah, wasnt aware of the 15 minutes thingy,

I guess the easiest way is to have it b4 leaving, as i wont have access to a decent mixer during the day.

Thanks again



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S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I have had good and bad experiences....depending on the assistant that was on each time I went in. To be honest, I got to the point where I just wanted to get in and out of the pharmacy as quick as possible with as little conversation as possible. The scales was the only support that I needed.....and my losses.
Thanks Sarah, wasnt aware of the 15 minutes thingy,

I guess the easiest way is to have it b4 leaving, as i wont have access to a decent mixer during the day.

Thanks again

Bill, you can order a shaker bottle/cup for as little as 1.99, including free delivery from Supplements | Protein | Creatine | Whey. They have a hard plastic mesh in the top which blends shakes perfectly and even makes them a bit frothy - nice!

Good luck with your diet!


Uncut Diamond
S: 25st0lb C: 21st2lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 3st12lb(15.43%)
Thanks Sara, Thanks Amber.

Frothy Shakes ......here i come.


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