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ok... weird question about stubborn fat on a vlcd... ie saddle bags!

ok i began thinking about this whilst i was in shower...

if you follow a vlcd ie Cambridge... or even just Atkins and go into ketosis is it still possible to be left with stubborn areas of fat?

the reason i ask is that when you live off your own fat surely if you remained in ketosis long term your body would 'eat' all of its fat, even the stubborn areas???!!!???!!!

odd questions i know... but as you have prob already guessed i DO have saddle bags thingys as i am a typical pear shape.

will my body keep munching all the fat on my body or be picky about where it takes it from lol? like other diets i have been on...

any comments welcome!!!
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Fascinating question. I don't have a clue what the answer is though!
I'd love to know as I have disproportinately fat arms- I have tops that would fit beautiflly now if my great big leg of mutton arms were not so huge !


I've got the power
Thanks for posting this, I've been worried about the exact same thing!
I want it to go from my arms the most! I think I'd look quite slim now if it wasn't for my bingo wings.:(
Maybe after the weight loss the fat redistributes itsself more evenly? I do hope so.....


I will get to goal .....
Hmm ... I'm no expert, but what I do know is this.
Being on a VLCD past a BMI of 25 increases your risk of burning lean muscle mass as you simply don't have to fat stores left to sustain yourself. So you can't stay on a VLCD forever ....

Having said that I suppose you must still burn some fat. When you think of really skinny people they have no muscle tone/defination, just skin and bone.
From a scientific perspective (and I'm just speculating based on my own experience here) I think the fat surrounding the organs is the last to go as the body protects this area above all others. So I certainly had a disproportionatly large tum even at a size 14!
i am just gonna re-post this in case anyone has anything new to comment!!!
I lost 3 stones a couple of years ago (not a vlcd) and it was very frustrating. My weight always goes from my face and arms first.. mostly my upper body in fact, when I would much prefer it to go from my thighs, bum and hips. However I did persevere and did lose weight from there eventually. I did have saddlebags too which were stubborn and I used to lie on my side and do leg lifts every night which definitely helped.. I know I haven't really answered your question but don't worry, I'm sure it will eventually start burning it off everywhere!

xxx :)
I am hoping someone will tell me I am not alone.

I have two very odd pockets of fat on the front of my hips. Like two handfulls of fat just plonked there. They are in the place where my tummy ends and my legs begin.

Am I abnormal and will they get less noticeable with Cambridge?

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