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okay a little freaked out

Be careful! Dont believe any scales other than the ones used at SW.
Reason is, if you show a huge loss like 5lbs you might want to celebrate that loss with a blow out, or on the other hand if your wii showed a 5lb gain you might want to commiserate as well!

So, moral is, DO NOT WEIGH AT HOME! Otherwise what is the point of paying to go to a SW meeting in the 1st place!


p.s and BTW a 5lb loss is totally doable ;o)
I second that. No two sets of scales always weigh the same and it'd be awful if you're setting yourself up for a fall come WI day. Just take that number with a hefty dose of salt, cos only one WI counts and that's the one you do at SW! Good luck. X
Ahhh in which case if you weigh yourself at home, make sure its the same day each week at the same time.

Only thing is, did you weigh yourself at home last week to get the accurate weight from those scales? All scales differ.

If its a 5lb loss, well done you! Look what you can do :D


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I'd probably ignore the Wii fit to be honest...even little things like the thickness of the carpet etc can affect how well it works. I'd use your bathroom scales and stick to those :) I always use the same scales, and keep them in the same place on the floor - how sad, lol! :giggle: xx


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To be honest, I weighed myself on the Wii Fit on a rug and off, there was no difference.

I did it again the week after and there was no change (apart from what I'd lost) and confirmed this with the bathroom scales - which are in the same place every week.

I guess it can still be inaccurate but mine's been nice so far (apart from last week lol!)

As long as the weight is going downwards and you can see the difference in your clothes and doing your measurements. I'm just happy to be eating healthily!
yeah hun its possiable to have a 5lb loss or more in your first week or any week.
my wi is pretty good but we have wood flooring and it goes on the same spot everytime
I always use the same scales, and keep them in the same place on the floor - how sad, lol! :giggle: xx
Haha I do this too :D

I always weigh myself on a Monday morning just after I've woken up and been to the loo. I can't help weighing myself during the week too and if I've put on any weight I know to try harder over the next few days and it works for me.

It is totally possible to lose 5lb in a week and some people even manage more, however don't expect to lose that every week as certain factors play a role - such as time of the month etc. Keep going though because it is obviously working for you. :)
I was the same aswell this week i put on last week so have been trying extra hard this week, weighed on wii fit said ive lost 4lb, went swimming today and weighed on boots scales which have always been correct and apparently ive lost 7lbs since thursday...I dont quite know how thats happend...im going to stop weighing myself as i never know and i just worry myself lol !!


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I lost 5.5 in my first week, 2 in my second. My friend weighed on wii showed 2lb loss at wi she'd only lost 1/2lb she was gutted. If you're going to weigh at home may be worth investing in some good scales.

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