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Old habits........

I was on a work course today. A guy arrived with 2 carrier bags of sandwiches,
crisps and chocolate bars for our lunch.
I said "well, there's my lunch, aren't you having any?"
That was automatic from me. It's what I would have said before. I still said it even though I had no intention of eating those things - why?
It was only when he said
"you look far too slim to eat lunch"
that I thought about it,
If only he knew.........................!!!:p
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I Can Do This!
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LOL SB - It's the same sense of humour I have (note not 'had' yet) and that I now recognise as a defence mechanism. If I make fun of my weight first then others may feel less like they need to.

Why are work lunches always sandwiches, crisps and chocolate? Usually the sandwiches are packed with full fat mayo, butter and other high fat and calorific sauces and fillings. Where's the fruit and salad?

Having abstained for 9.5 months I can see more clearly where I was going wrong. I used to eat more than I needed, just because it was my 'share' of what was provided. Then, because I hate seeing leftovers, I'd mindlessly eat up everyone elses or take it back to my office and graze all afternoon.

I'm finally learning. Now, just need to put into practice when I start RTM and be confident I will be as successful as you!

Thanks for sticking around these boards. xx


Making it all add up
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Good thread and very valid points!

I still really struggle with not just ploughing in (and sometimes fail abysmally), but it's a learning experience for us all I guess. Agree re choices for meals, it's just too easy to buy a sandwich & crisps for meeting rooms that no one ever seems to think of an alternative.
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I am always pleased when we have lunch brought in to see a ginormous tray for beautiful fruit - last week there were Fuji Apples, gorgeous black grapes, proper satusumas, big bananas, and kiwi. Always a relief. Other then that its sarnies, crips and cakes. Fortunately, I get almost all of the fruit. Well not all - but what I mean is everyone else tucks in to the other stuff.. Phew - lucky for me!! :D


Playing the Angel
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Interesting thread, but makes me kind of sad, that as mentioned, nobody bothers to think beyond the box when it comes to working lunches. I have always provided really interesting selections of healthy and some not so healthy items for working lunches for my clients. There are always a variety of salads - dressings on the side, fruit as a dessert option, some low fat hots, or colds. Pah, I am now out to re educate chefs to offer healthy options, so much better for our clients health which should be as important to us as as the taste of the food we serve.


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