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Om' nomming my way to a thinner me. ^o^;'

Going it alone so thought it would be a good idea to write up a food diary so that people could point out any errors I may make and so I can keep track of dishes I like/dislike and my daily Syn count.

21st February 20016

Cup of tea (
Healthy Extra A milk, 1 TSP sugar) 15 calories
Cup of tea (
Healthy Extra A milk, 1 TSP sugar) 15 calories
35g Porridge oats
Healthy Extra B, milk Healthy Extra A, 1 TSP sugar, sprinkle of cinnamon 15 calories

1/4 Slimming World Lemon Drizzle cake
2 Syn's

ASDA Sweet and Sour rice
1 Syn


Cup of tea ( Healthy Extra A milk, 1 TSP sugar) 15 calories

= 6 Syn's

Q; Best of Both skimmed milk (that's supposed to taste like semi-skimmed milk), can you Syn / use as Healthy Extra A like normal skimmed milk?

Note; 300ml 1% milk Healthy Extra A / 100ml is 2 Syn's
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22nd February 2016 - continued

Cup of tea ( Healthy Extra A milk, 1 TSP sugar) 15 calories

= 1.5 Syn's

2 slices of Weight Watcher's Wholemeal Toastie 400g
(Healthy Extra B), 2 sunny eggs using 1 cal spray and brown sauce 1 Syn

= 2.5 Syn's


4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.
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22nd February 2016 - continued

Spag' bol'
Whole wheat pasta, 2TSP basil, 200g 5% mince beef, 1/2 large onion, 1/2 TSP chilli powder, 4TBSP tomato puree, 250/300ml tomato passata, 1/2 TSP rosemary, 2TSP garlic
Cup of tea + HeA, 1 TSP sugar

Eggie Bread - 2 slices of WW toastie soaked in mix (1 egg, <50ml milk HeA, 1 TSP sugar, 1-2 TSP sweetener), fried with 1 Cal spray..
Nom nom nom! One thing I missed with SW was eggie bread, but WW toastie is so much more like "normal" bread.. and doesn't have the strong taste of high fibre breads.

= 1.5 Syn's

Batchelor's pasta (ham, cheese and leek) 3.5 Syn's :( dunno why they changed the ingredients again!
= 5 Syn's

Elderflower and Apple sparkling water free


Mince and mash butter 1 syn

2 meringue nests, fat free fromage frais, handful frozen raspberries smashed up nom nom. 2 Syns


9 Syns
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Tea HeA and 15 calories.
Eggy bread HeA and 1 syn.

Batchelors cheese, ham and leek pasta 3.5 syns (not sure) 110g

Tea HeA 15 calories

= 6 Syn's

Mashed potatos, baked beans and 3 quorn sausages 4 syn's.

10 Syn's.

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