OMG!!! Are them scales right?


S: 16st2lb G: 12st2lb
Hi all,

I went to see my consultant today to check to see if I was in Ketosis, only been on the program since wednesday and i've lost 9LB!!!!!!! I was literally shaking when I got off the scales......

I should feel mega motivated right?...I am actually really struggling this evening...sigh!! gonna read the forum for a bit of inspiration xxxxx :confused:
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That's amazing!!!! Well done!!! Just think come next week u could be a stone lighter!

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HI, well done on the loss it really is amazing. I have found some great support on here, the people are so great and the posts very inspirational.

I have been quite lucky and have managed to get my head into the zone, I am determined to shift this weight. Short term pain with long term gain, or continue to eat my way to bad health. However, I do understand for some people it is more difficult to get to that point. I sometimes think that the wobbles or struggles are ususally down to pressure or circumstances.

I am not sure if you have had a full group session yet but they certainly make you think about situations and how to deal with them, I have found them an excellant way of keeping me on track. I also come on here as whatever emotion you are going through there is always someone who has been there and found a way through it.

Thoughts become things!
Keep strong! xx


S: 16st2lb G: 12st2lb
Thank you TBSX,
Im finding this forum excellent, and I even had a peek at the management part of it to see what I had to look forward to in months to come and im excited!!

Looking forward to getting my bars in a few weeks and im feeling more positive today after a whole evening spent reading through this forum all last night :)


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First week's loss is usually the biggest because you lose glycogen and water first but it's absolutely wonderful to see such s massive weight loss after the most difficult first week :)
Well done!

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well done!!!!!


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Well done! I also started on Wednesday and was 6lbs down yesterday. It's a good feeling to see the scales starting to move in the right direction.