OMG !!!! died and gone to heaven

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  1. owens3116

    owens3116 Full Member

    Hi all

    Just had my first 790 meal i kept it simple i had a chick breast and prinkled mustard powder and cajun powder on it and dry fryed it with courgettes
    The had it on a bed of lettece and cucumber with a little kraft fat free drssing

    I am sooooooooo stuffed feel like ive had a 4 course meal !!

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  3. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    Its amazing how much difference that one small meal can make isnt it? I admire anyone who sticks with ss as I couldnt, 790 suits me better.

    My fave meal at the moment is mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese, just pop them in the oven to cook, they are yummy, I serve them with chicken and a dollop of cottage cheese. STBG posted the idea.

    Some days if Ive been rushing about in the morning and feeling a bit worn out I will split the allowance in two so I can have a bit at lunch and then later in the evening.
  4. owens3116

    owens3116 Full Member

    but donent cottage cheese and chicken count as two protein choices when your suuposed to have one ?? sorry confused lol
  5. owens3116

    owens3116 Full Member

    did u lose all your weight on 790 ??
  6. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    You can have a bit less of each and mix up the allowed foods a bit, I usually have a fillet (breast) of chicken and a couple of dollops of cottage cheese with veg or mushrooms. I always mix mine up a bit, I will have tuna and cottage cheese with cucumber. To be honest I have cottage cheese every meal ... I really like it ... and to think I didnt like it before doing cd.

    Ive lost all my weight whilst on the 790 plan. I had a couple of weeks off in October and the whole of December off aswell. All told though Ive done about 19 weeks on cd790 and have got rid of nearly 50lbs. If I hadnt had so many blips (Ive been a serial blipper) I would have probably reduced the pounds a bit more .... but still Im getting there, just happened to have taken the scenic route which by the way I dont recommend.
  7. ava

    ava Silver Member

    That sounds lovely, glad you enjoyed it. I'm just moving up to 790, looking forward to trying lots of different things out :D
  8. owens3116

    owens3116 Full Member

    i jst carnt do ss well im not getting side affects and feel pretty good i jst miss eating !! nice to sit down once a day with hubby im jst hoping i still have good losses though
  9. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

    I have added a meal off and on for a few days and i have developed an absolute OBSESSION with sprouts. Can't manage much else though
  10. corinne_j

    corinne_j Full Member

    That's just wrong lol :p

    I'm going to move up to 790 in a couple of weeks - I can't wait!

    Corinne x
  11. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

    Well, corinne you have to be quick or there will be no sprouts left in the shops.

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