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Omg ... DRIVING TEST ...


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i passed mine on 4th attempt, 1st time was day after my grandads funeral so wasnt in right frame of mind then 2nd and 3rd i had same examiner which freaked me out (he was creepy), 4th attempt i was 7 months pregnant the examiner was really nice and my attitude was sod it, if i pass great, if i dont well never mind, i sailed through it. It was early morning as well so didnt have much time to think about it.

My advice would be to just have a nice relaxing morning, dont think about it too much and you'll be fine.. after all if your instructor didnt think you could pass you wouldnt have been put in for your test in the first place :D
Enjoy it, relax and good luck!

You CAN do it :D
don't forget to wear your lucky pants!!! best of luck for next week. If you're a bit nervous beforehand try some rescue remedy .... oooohhh but not sure whether that will knock you out of ketosis??
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As munchkin said lucky pants are a must, I had bachs rescue remedy not sure if it did the trick. I passed second time, Im sure the instructor felt sorry for me because I was PG. I was terrible lol Seriouly Im sure you'll be fine just stay calm and listen to the instructions carefully. Good Luck!!

I wore dangly earings on my test so that even if they did not see me move my head to look my earings would be swaying!:D


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I passed my test only just over a year ago, on the 4th attempt.

It was a silly thing why I failed the first time and the next 2 were because of nerves.

I went to the doctor and got beta blockers and they helped me relax for the 4th one and I passed.

They just took the edge off the nerves because there was no doubt I could drive (like it's been said - your instructor wouldn't put you forward unless they thought you were ready).

Good luck and just relax (even though I know it's easier said than done).


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GOOD LUCK! Just chill out and relax and you will be fine. Try and have loads of practise lessons before your test and you should be confident enough to pass!


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my family are driving instructors ,so i offer a few tips .
you are being judged on your ability to be safe ,not how perfect you are .i.e if you stall the car and immediately put the handbrake on and then start and continue on safely,you will not be marked down for it . hazard perception is the key . are you aware and reactive to your enviroment. do you panic and lose control if the unexpected happens. treat it like a lesson,you can obviously drive ,no instructer will put crap people forward,it reflects badly on them . the head turning /earring thing is a good idea, i had a swishy pony tail,so everytime a looked around he knew . be pro active to your instructor he may not talk back but if you are saying " that cyclist is a bit wobbly,need to give him a wide berth or stay on the kerb pedestrian " he knows you are taking in the potential hazards . good luck and wear your lucky pants


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Snap hippychick, you and I are taking the test on the same day. My test is next Tuesday at 2.30!
I'm not too worried. Have not bothered about it for 13 years (I'm 30) if I fail a few more weeks wont make much difference!
Good luck to you.


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Right now dont even think about it. On the morning of my test my mum and boyfriend at the time were pacing the floor. I sat down watching tv and having a cuppa and thought it is not worth stressing out over and what will be will be so was really calm.
I sailed through my test and passed without a butterfly.

Do try not to worry or you will make yourself worse. Just remember to keep checking your mirrors regularly, and take your time doing manouveres. If you think you are going wrong start agin and say Im sorry I was off course....though make sure it is safe to do so. I started a reverse round a corner and a car was coming up behind me so I pulled forward and said I will restart as soon as the car had moved......He congratulated me for being considerate to other road users.


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GOOD LUCK *crosses fingers* ! X
ok dangley earings a pony tail rescue remedy off to shops oh godness i cant stop worring i even had a nitemare last nite about it lol

goodluck with your test aswell im 28 but so need to drive now with little one
let me know on tuesday if you passed and il do the same !!!
ceri i cant belive it just had a call from DVLA they canceled my test and rebooked it on the 28th raaah i no its only a week extra but god i was really ready raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


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Oh no! Can they do that? I didnt realize.
You poor thing, I would be sooooo mad if they did it to me!
Well, make the most of the extra time to practice. I'll let you know how I get on.
Feel so sorry for you, extra stress is never good when dieting.
28th? That is slow of them. They should have given you a sooner date so that you dont have to worry for so long! Bloody DVLA!
Take care


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for ceri tomorrow and hippychick on 28th

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