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sorry ladies but i have to share this because i am sooo sooo sooo excited!!!

in 2002 i went to vegas for the first time - when i WENT i wore a pair of size 10 m&s trousers - they didnt fit when i left and have never fitted since - in fact i have been wearing a m&s 16!

i posted elsewhere that i have bought no new clothes since i started cd - so i really had no idea of my size now except that my trousers are really falling down A LOT

anyway i am just packing my bags for my next trip and while going through the wardrobe i decided to try on the 10s just to see how close i am to being able to wear them

GUESS WHAT!! THEY FIT!!!!! they fit comfortable zipped up sitting down and able to breathe!


i think i need a lie down to recover from teh excitement

i KNOW m&s are probably generous but wtf i dont care - IM WEARING 10S!!!!
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Unzipping the fat suit
woooooohooooooooooooooooooooo! well done you, what a lovely surprise!


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thank you all very much
its nice to share with people who UNDERSTAND

seriously couldnt have done it without the amazing support of everyone here though - especially JANE ( my cdc) and also all the words of wisdom from HEDGEMAGS and everyone else on teh daily thread who saved me from going nuts a few times!

you can all feel this same excitement if you just stick to it - and if you blip - sweep it under the carpet and dont dwell on it - just move right on and get back on track!
Wow well done! :talk017:

This morning I did exactly the same thing (not the same result though ;)) tried on some old M&S jeans in a size 10, I can get them up over my bum and surprisingly I can do the button but the zip just wasn't having it :p

I reckon if I'd laid flat on the bedroom floor and breathed in (and used a giant shoe horn) I *might* have got the zip up but if I had, no way would I have been able to sit down, stand up, or breathe! lol. However the size 12 Tesco jeans I am wearing at the mo are getting too loose round the waist, but I've always though Tesco ones are very generous sizing. I think my Tesco 12 jeans are actually a 14-16. I wish all shops which sold clothes had to stick to the same measurements for sizes!
well done....... Bottle that feeling!!!

I can't wait for that to be me too!


Fed up of being fat
Yay for you, well done on getting back into your 10's!!
WOWEEE that's absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!! Now time to go shopping me thinks!!!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Fabulous news!

For the record, when they did size comparisons on stores - in the Cambridge magazine - M&S were not as generous as some others!


Woohoooooooooooo you go girl! Made up for you! For the record I always thought M&S were not v generous..Vxx

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