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OMG I lost a stone in week one!!

I really cannot belieive it still 14lbs lost in the first week, this is too good to be true almost I think i'm in shock :eek:.

Fantastic though and really has motivated me, I have the handle almost on the shakes, I can stomach only the strawberry and choc flavours...they are still horrid but i think less about it as i'm downing them and have learnt to:
  1. cold water
  2. shake well
  3. drink quickly
Thanks for all your support so far everyone i hope next weeks weigh in bring some more good news. :)
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that is fantastic hun!!!!!! sorry if i sound like im bursting your bubble, but be aware that next weeks weight loss wont be as good as this, simply because in the first week there is a lot of water loss and then in the weeks after you will lose say about 4,5 even 6lbs..
that is really really good tho. the reason i am telling you this is coz my first week was 12lb loss and the week after i lost 4lbs and was horrified.. but after coming on here i found that everyone had experienced pretty much the same thing...
mmmwah! be proud of your achievements and keep at it xx
Thanks and yes i'm not expecting quite such a loss next week but i am motivated still, I had a dilema about what to do over xmas its been a struggle to decide what to do over xmas lunch, well i am going to have a little quorn (i'm veggie) and a few veggies but thats is i'll still do 2 shakes and thats the only food over xmas.


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Hi loulouless, well done on your completion of the first week. I noticed that you seem to be drinking all your shakes cold. It might make it easier if you make the choc flavour into a hot choc drink. You do this my mixing with less cold water and then adding in biing hot water and shaking again. I used to add extra hot water and a sweetner -lovely! Might help over this winter period. You can make it through Christmas with determination. I was able to enjoy a holiday abroad without as much as a taste of food!
arr hun thats fantastic news well done for getting through the first week and your on ya way now and will do brilliantly you done the hardest bit and to have such a FANTASTIC first week weight lose is brilliant.
well done and keep up the good work.

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I'm sooooo proud of you well done!!

Hopefully you will stay motivated over xmas, as its only one day. Remember your mini target for your works ball in January.

It took 2 months for people to start noticing my weight lose by which time I was well into lipotrim and enjoyed their compliments.

Keep going remember I'm joining you 27/12/08.XX


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Are you still buzzing? You clothes must feel a little looser. I'm sure I worked out that 1 stone equals roughly a dress size, well it does for me. Hang on in there over christmas. You've done so well x


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thank you so much everyone, it really is a boost to have so many lovely compliments, I think I lost so much as I really do have a lot to lose around 11 stone, as you will see from my bmi i really do need to get this down.

I am worried about christmas I am having a lunch tomorrow but very small the shakes are a constant challange to me but just thinking of them as fuel to keep going rarther than anything else.

Thanks again for your support I hope over the next few months I can be equally supportive of all of you x

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