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OMG i think ive been really stupid!!!


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I am SO SURE that the syn value for vodka was 2.5!!!

Last time i did SW it was this and so i have never re-looked it up in my book as it was only last year!

I have just looked to see if there are any similar low syn spirits and it says 4 syns for a 35ml shot!!

When did this change!!!??? OMG i hate to think of all the extra syns ive been having and never noticed!!!

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Fighting the bulge

Am i really the only person that didnt know this!?

Im waiting for someone to write back telling me that im wrong and it is 2.5 syns!! It's not that much more to have cider then (5 syns for a half)!!

pesty, I thought all spirits were 2.5syns for 25mls?! That's what I count it as anyway. I don't drink enough for it to matter though!
hiya im a vodka drinker to and i can tell u its the english measure of 25mls thats 2.5 synns so i would say a 35ml probaly would be 4 synns sorry to be the bearer of bad news to be honest if i wasnt having a 4 synn vodka i would probaly be synning on something a lot higher ! ;););););)


Fighting the bulge
  • Most spirits sold in the UK have 40% abv or slightly less. A single pub measure (about 25 ml) of such a spirit contains one unit. However, a larger single measure of 35 ml is now often sold, resulting in the consumption of 1.4 units of alcohol.
I have found an answer!! Although very inconclusive!! I think i shall have to ask next time im in the pub :)
depends where u live 2-i live in northern ireland and our shots r 35ml but went 2 uni in manchester where they were 25ml

but scottjake is right 25ml=2.5syns and 35ml=4syns
yeh i have always synned a single measure of vodka (and any spirit) as 2.5 syns, and the pubs up here in Scotland all have to sell 25ml measures by law so thats fine!

tho be careful when pouring your own at home always much more generous lol


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