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Omg - put on 5lbs

I cannot believe it, started 5 weeks ago & as of this morning before I weighed myself I'd lost 18lbs. My weigh In is after work, so I thought I'd take a sneaky look.... & the scales say I've put on 5lbs!!!! How can that happen?? I hadn't drank anything, I've been 100% all week, no blips nor cheats. And it isn't totm.
I am so disheartened. I feel my weight loss has been quite slow anyway ( lost 3lbs, 4, then 4, then 2) and now this!! Should I just give up??:cry:
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Don't give up hon and best to wait till your official weigh-in anyway as it may not be as bad as you think! Even if by some fluke you had put 5 pounds on you would still have lost almost a stone in 5 weeks and that is a good result by any diet so keep up the good work, stay positive and just look forward to a good loss next week xx
Hun it's most likely your scales- wait to your offical weigh in and then you can make an informed decision!

My scales told me I'd gained about 5 weeks in and it turned out hubby had stored then on their side which affected thier accuracy...


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Mackie... Don't give up...wait and see what the official scales say. On how many previous diets had you managed to lose a stone in just 5 weeks??? Stick with it honey your doing really well so far :) steady loss is the best way to get rid of weight...most people will tell you its easier to keep it off if you do it gradually.

Also don't get disheartened or compare your losses to others...everyone loses weight at different rates. Keep up the good work x x x


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As the others said Mackie, home scales (unless they're the really posh expensive ones) are never really as acurate as the professional ones. Don't despair! Even if you have gained a little there must be an explanation. When you say you haven't drank anything I assume you HAVE been drinking your water though!!! That's totally the key to this diet as we excrete the ketones in our urine & breath (sorry to be slightly graphic!) Drink, drink, drink up to 4 litres a day & the pounds should start shifting rapido!


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Hee hee hee- as Shivie says the more you drink the more you shrink, the more you pee the less of you there'll be!!!
:sign0131::sign0131::sign0131: 'Tis true!! Thank goodness for Lidl and their cheapa** bog roll!! :D
Lol I now plan all journeys and think where can I pee when I get there. I feel like an old man I'm up at least once through the night!! :)-


On a mission!
Lol I now plan all journeys and think where can I pee when I get there. I feel like an old man I'm up at least once through the night!! :)-
:8855::8855::8855: DITTO! To all those things!! Least we'll be well prepared for being oul' wans some day!! :D
Awww, thank you ladies. You're right, it may just be my scales, but I'm so disheartened by it. I'll see what the chemists scales say later on and let you know! Yes, I am drinking the water - between 2.5 and 3.5 litres a day. My weigh ins at 5.30pm tho, so will leave off the water now until after :)
Good luck and let us know how you get on. I will be thinking of you! As the fabulous ladies have said there could be many reasons for this. Have you been going to the gym at all? Also constipation is a massive pain on this diet so if you haven't been able to go to toilet for a while that may make you seem heavier than you are. Also, LT has messed up my monthly cycle and when I researched it I saw that many other ladies have had this problem - so you never know TOTM could be looming without you knowing. Xxx
Good luck- I understand it can really knock you! Let us know how you get on pet!! And when the chemist shows your down throw out those scales!! lol!
Well, I lost another 2 lbs, which is certainly better than the 5 I thought I'd put on! Had a long chat with the chemist, because as you know I'm disappointed with what I've lost so far, but i found out that my prescription painkillers are the ones in a capsule - which is coated with sugars AND a big mistake on my part, I've been drinking loads of sparkling water, which news to me is a big no no!! So here's to a big loss next week!! Thanks for your support peoples!! I'd have deffo turned to food this afternoon if it hadn't been for you guys. X


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Well done on the 2lb loss!! I'm stunned that fizzy water is is a no no, I probably drink more of that than still. Oh dear!!! Oh well. Good luck for this week. P
I've been told that sparkling water is allowed!! It says on the website that it is, I'm sure it does. I'll double check now. And that's all I drink now. Please tell me that it hasn't changed. I MUCH prefer fizzy to still! xx
She said we were allowed a small glass of fizzy water or soda water per day?? Is that not correct then? I think I'm going to call lipotrim tomorrow and get it all claified! Tbh I was hoping it was going to be an issue, at least then I'd have an explanation for my poor weight loss!
Just google lipotrim and sparkling water. Loads of threads come up saying it is allowed. It is JUST water with bubbles in it...what are bubbles gonna do? Really hope it is...let me know what lipotrim say hun xx
Ah I'm delighted for you- I couldn't wait to get online and see. Chuck those home scales out now!!!

Well done- I'm sure it felt a bit like a 7lb loss though as you thought you'd gained.

I can't see the fizzy water being an issue but on my first time on LT bar my first week my biggest loss was 2.5lbs and I averaged 1.5lbs so take heart it is worth it!!

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