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OMG Re-start WI

Hi Guys,

Just went for my WI as I'm restarting today..

And I've put on 7lbs since 06/02/09!!!!!!!!:cry::cry::cry:

It goes on much quicker than it comes off!!

Note to anyone who's thinking of having a break of LT and then going back on it - DONT DO IT!!

Oh Well back on track now - Not stopping untill my goal this time...
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My husband = My hero
Wouldnt worry about it hunni, least your back on the programme, and still managed to loose half a stone!!

keep going and you will be fine



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Dont worry about it, whats done is done! Just get back on that wagon and go for it!! :D

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Thats a really big step done. You can lose that this week, keep your water intake up. Goodluck I'm doing this with you. We can do it. XX
well done in coming back on

im expecting similar gains on my london trip lol


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
ooh i love london! what you going for?
yeah me too

just going for a few nights to relax and see some sights

cant wait

lost count amount of times i been the l;ast 3 years but still love it jsut as much as ever


I will be skinny again!!!
It could have been worse chick!!

Ive heard some people saying they have put on over a stone!!

Good luck chick!!
Update !!

I've just been reading another thread that said that someone's chemist had given them the incorrect weight loss - so I thought I'd check mine..

In the chemist I was 74.20 kilogrmas. I've just converted this into stones and its 11stone 7lbs (Not 11stone 9.5lbs) like they wrote down in the chemist.

I'm a bit happier now lol :scale:
Hi Foo Fan, I didn't see this post yesterday or I would have posted. 4 1/2 lbs isn't bad at all, that will probably disappear as soon as you get back into ketosis.

How are you getting on with day 2, I am not finding it as bad as I imagined, but I had a headache all morning, which is the first time I have ever had one on this. Maybe this is a good sign ??

Good luck to us three amigo's that re-started yesterday ( you, me and Blue Eye). Let the weight loss begin..........
Hi Pearly,

Funny you should say that I've got a really bad head as well.. I've just taken a tablet and had a pint of water (hopefully this will help)..

Feeling ok though - been to the gym this morning and I'm working nights tonight so going to go to the gym again straight after work in the morning.

Also I've just checked through all the losses the chemist has worked out for me and almost everyone is a lbs or two out!! So when I've though I've not done that well - I've really lost more.. I think I'll have to mention it at my next WI...

P.S - Loving the "three amigo's" lol

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