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OMG - Right I'm taking control, NOW

Our 14 year old is having sex with his 14 year old girlfriend

Safely mind you - they are using condoms but OMG

We are in the middle of a minefield here trying to get it sorted out. But it is focusing me - I'm taking control of what I can control. And that starts with my weight. Back on board today 100% NO MATTER WHAT ELSE I HAVE TO DEAL WITH ......

wish me luck :sigh:
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gunna be a fatty for ever
woooooah good luck there!
Maybe you could post some thing in the parents section to see if there is any one who could give you some advice on that?

good luck with your weigt loss hun, youve done it b4 i know you can do it


big hugs to you hope you manage to sort everything out and well done for taking control of the things you can control
wow kids eh!! 14 is young why do kids want to grow up so quick??
I have a nearly 14 year old ( she'll turn 14 next month). She is still in the *boys are gross* phase. I can just about put up with her talking to me like I'm a 5 year old :rolleyes: ( gobby wee mare :rolleyes: ) I don't think I could handle it if she had a sex life too.....hell I don't even have a sex life just now :eek:


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooh i think assertive ali needs to have wee word with mr balibee!! ;)

seriously tho i have 2 girls (1 and 3 mind you:p) and the day i find out they are having the s word (i cant say the s word in the same sentence as my girls lol) i will personally have a cardic arrest lol!

Its so frightening isnt it? Little people want to grow up sooo fast these days! They wont listen no matter what u say. its good they r takin precautions tho. although id try reccommend something a little more relaiable to run along side of condoms.

How u gettin on kay?

luv katie
The cheeky little rats have gone and compounded the bad behaviour now :mad:

We spoke to them like adults. Asked her to speak to her mother at least (if not her dad too).

She said she talked to her and her mum was fine and said she will take her to the family planning.

Just found out that was a lie :mad:. She's told her mum nothing! Oh boy are they in trouble when they get in later.

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