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OMG they were unbelievable...


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.....Take That last night in Glasgow. They were fantastic. What a show.
It was one of those things that everything went well, weather, company, atmosphere etc etc. We danced from the moment they came on until they bowed out.
Only downside (and i'm not counting it) was too much to drink, didnt eat a lot but it was wrong things as we had burger and chips and crisps but that is all that you get at these places.
Anyway, it was a fabbie fabbie day and night out. I'm home now, feeling very tired, i'm going to try to sleep in the car as i head back to Glasgow with my family this time to see the boys again. (hopefully i wont have any memory blanks this time!):family2:
Hope you are all doing well and i'm back to glugging the water big style.
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Glad you had fun... keep drinking the water and enjoy!

Glad you had fun. I can't wait to see them in a couple of weeks. Managed to get hold of a couple of VIP tickets in the end from ebay-so now I have my 'back up' tickets going spare!:D
I went to see them on Friday and had a fabby night too. I also had a few drinks before I went and then had few glasses of wine in there and felt pretty drunk. But it was one of the best gigs I've been too.


Here, wait a minute you were in Glasgow, South SIDE and you didn't come to see ME?


Just kidding. Glad they were good.
My friends there 2day - wish i was :(

Can i be nosey and ask did you build yourself up to the day off - or just take it - where you ok with drink etc?

Ive got my hen do coming up end of July and want to know how best to prepare for the 2 days off


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OMG I seen them last Saturday night, best show I have ever been to, it was so good and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I also had a few drinks before and after the concert and got far too drunk but it was worth it, I enjoyed myself and even though I had a MAJOR hangover the next day I got straight back into SS and luckily enough I stayed the same this week so fingers crossed you will be fine.
Sparkles, for where, when and how much do you want for them? xxxx


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i am off to see them on 1st july woohoo
Sparkles, for where, when and how much do you want for them? xxxx
They're for Wembley Stadium, 4th July. Block 208 Row 6. We only want what we paid for them which was about £70.80, plus special delivery postage. The tickets were cheaper as they are restricted view. We need to give first refusal to someone else at work first but if she doesn't want them you're welcome to have them if you want.
Last night, absolutely amazing. Looking back to Saturday night i missed an awful lot thru my drunken haze!!! Friend and i spent the entire night dancing and not paying enough attention to the stage show. Last night no drinkies and back on SS today so watched all the show properly. The acrobats were very very talented.
I had intended to stay on diet all through weekendbut once we got there and started to soak up atmosphere it was party mood all the
way so we started off with a sandwich to knock me out of ketosis. Had some chips and crisps and a manky burger later on. We didnt actually eat much (couldnt really face brekkie!) but of course the amount of vodka did the damage. We snuck our voddie in as its only wine or lager for sale at something like a fiver a glass.
All in all, you dont have to like Take That - but how could you not - but you couldnt not be amazed at the show they put on.
Have a great day everyone. Hope i'm strong enough to get into this again.
I think my friends and colleagues have been talking about me and suggesting not to make eye contact or ask how my weekend was as i'm boring everyone with concert talk!
CD blasting away now as i try to relive it all again.
i was at hampden last night and now im completely exhausted!!

The concert was AMAZING!!!!! i managed to stick to CD even though the smell of chips, hotdogs and alcohol was tormenting me!! survived tho - until today!! been soooo exhausted and completely dizzy and fit to pass out! so i ate to get a quick fix, feel better but now ive screwed up CD so back to the start and get back on track!

But hey the concert was FAB FAB FAB and this is what this threads about!!!

sooooooo WELL DONE Take That!!! brilliant concert!!! :talk017:

I went to see them in cardiff last Wednesday night and WOW how toally AMAZING were they.

Looking for some more tickets on ebay for Wembley now, got to go again :D:D:D
oh golly! i am still going on about it. me a bestest friend dont do it very often but when we go out we take 20 odd years off where we are now and go right back to when we first met. I know we were annoying people (I a good way ?!?!?!?) because we were so out to have a good night. I loved the dancing and singing and atmosphere and the whole holistic thing!
I hope any of you still to see them half the good time we had and you'll have a ball.
Even before dvd is released i'm planning a take that party at mine!

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