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OMG! first weigh in and lost .... 15lbs!!!!!!!!!

So thats with my lighter life packs. tomorrow i begin on Exante. And omg! again, my exante parcel has just arrived and i can't believe the size of the bars they're huge. I know alot of people on here don't seem to be keen on the bars, but i'm really glad they're not 'choc' coated like most of the ll ones, cos i'm not too keen on those, so i have high hopes.
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Hi Moonbeams!!
I'm a newbie to this site too & just thought I'd send you a msg as I'm also starting Exante tomorrow.
Iv gotta say, ur 1st wks loss is absolutely amazing! You must b so proud of yourself. If I lose half that in my 1st wk, I'll b delighted.
Im really hoping that being on this site will help me stay focused & achieve my goal this time around, as Iv done the Cambridge Diet before. I managed to lose 2st but then put it all back on again afterwards. Iv since had a baby & now need 2 shift 5 & 1/2st & am hoping to lose it by end March!!
I really hope I can do it. If u like, we can support eachother & help keep focused.
Anyway, good luck with ur diet hun, 15lb in 1 wk is a huge motivator!!
I know alot of people on here don't seem to be keen on the bars, but i'm really glad they're not 'choc' coated like most of the ll ones, cos i'm not too keen on those, so i have high hopes.
well done on your 15lb loss, good luck with Exante. The bars are nice I prefer the raisin one to the choc orange but they taste far better than the CD ones. I haven't tried the LL ones.

I'm also starting Exante tomorrow.
Salsababy i'm starting tomorrow too! Good luck for tomorrow!
Good luck with Exante both xx
Thanku nursetubs. Does any1 do regular exercise on this diet? I was reading that some ppl have struggled to lose weight when exercising on VLCDs. I really wud like 2 do both the exercise & diet as I have so much to lose. Does any1 have any tips to help me?
I'm also starting tomorrow!

It looks like there are several of us starting Exante tomorrow. I just wish there wasn't a cauldron full of Swizzels Matlow and Haribo hiding under the stairs... (Should have thought that through when I decided to commence my VLCD the day after Halloween.) Good luck everyone!
SalsaBaby said:
Thanks EmmaLuggs, good luck 2 u too. We'll get there!! How much do u want 2 lose?
I want to lose 3.5 stone (ish) that'll take me to my lightest in my adult life so not sure what it'll look and feel like! How much are you going for?
hows day 1 gone?

i had raison bar this morning, verdit- scrummy
i had choc shake for lunch, verdit - hold nose and get down my neck, as i'm used to having 4 packs on ll and cd, i decided to split the shake to have some about 3.30 and probably made it a bit watery. As a consequence i felt unsatisfied and i was dying to get home for my soup.
i had veg soup at 6 and enjoyed that

i think tomorrow i'll try splitting my bar to have mid afternoon.
hi moonbeams
i used to be on LL (nov09-mar10) and started exante this monday. I'm finding it a little tougher not having 4 a day but the big bars do make up for it don't they! They taste like the peanut LL ones! I kind of miss the choc toffee ones though lol.

Hows everyones 2nd week going?
or indeed 1st couple of days if i'd read the post dates correctly! doh! lol
Hi every1, I had the chocolate shake 4 breakfast & it wasn't the best!! Then I had mushroom soup which was even worse BUT I'm looking forward 2 all the other shakes & soups & will have my bar in a minute. Feeling good about this, despite disliking things so far!! How's every1 else doing?
i'm on my first day of exante but have just done 1 week on ll packs so it is a bit confusing. the peanut ones were always my fav koodygirl.

salsa, i've come to the conclusion that if vlcd's tasted that good, the whole world would be on them lol. but really, if they make me lose weight i don't care...i've done worse things in the name of 'weight loss' :0

btw. watching a program on c4 called the food hospital and the doctors just prescribed meal replacements for an overweight diabetic guy. .. i wish that doc would have a word with my gp!
omg i remember the struggle to get doctors to sign my LL form and then check my blood pressure. They did not like it at all - two refused outright - surely they should support anyone wishing to lose weight. they never supported me when i asked them for help!
week 1 -15
week 2 -6
week 3 -2.5
week 4 -4.5

In total, just over 2 stone at my weigh in last Monday. I've got 2 more weeks to go then im coming off it for xmas but also because i've found out i've got to have an operation on the 21st dec and i need to refeed for a week before the op. Then all being well i hope to get back on the exante in the new year to lose a further 1 and a half - 2 stone. x

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