Is thinking positive!

I am wearing jeans for the first time since I was 17 :p I have always wore elasticated black pants :( Because they didn't do nice jeans in my size...But today I decided to try a pair of 22/24 jeans and they fitted me perfectly and look so nice...Sounds weird But I feel normal if that makes any sense, What I mean is I can wear jeans now just like everyone else does...I am feeling fantastic, Can't wait for the day I can fit into a nice slim pair of size 12's now :D:D
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wow good for you, make the most of them as like me you will see yourself going down the sizes pretty fast now.


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Wit woo you go girl you will be slinky before you know it your doing great xx


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omg mbw You must feel fantastic what a milestone have you taken them of yet lol!!
you are doing so well you really inspire me and keep me going

all the best


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I bet you look fab in them as well :)
You're doing great, these milestones keep us going. Really pleaded for ya! xxxx


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well done :) .. see its the little things that keep us going ,, it wont be long until your in a 16 , keep it up :)


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That's fantastic.!!! But as Scousemouse says make the most of them now. They will probably be swimming on you in the next week or so. What a lovely problem to have!!!:D:D:D

mrs bee

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That is really great, enjoy your jeans and get good wear out of them cos you'll need the next size down before you know it!!!


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What great news- that is just the inspiration I need!!!

Soon be in the teens!!!:)


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Well done Laura, that is fantastic news!!!

I know what you mean about feeling "normal", I always wore elasticated waistbands but now I prefer fixed! I do find I'm not in sizes for long so, as everyone else has said, wear 'em to death coz you'll need a belt soon and the next size down!



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Great news Laura...its these little things that keep us going,wont be long before your buying the next size down...well done!!! Caz xx


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LAURA!!! I see a brightly coloured top in the near future eh?

Woman that is so brilliant -I could cry for you! Well done gorgeous, well well done! ((HUGS))