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Omlette Question

Hi Everyone!

Tonight, i'm going to attempt my first omlette cooked with fry light and not normal oil. Scary. Anyway, is there much of a difference in the way it cooks? Do you use a bit of butter so it doesnt stick? Does it taste just as good? What do people like to pack their omlette out with? Think im going for cheese, onion and mushrooms.
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I use a non stick pan and a bit of fry light and it turns out lovely, and tastes nice as well. I use LC light, mushrooms, and sweet onions. If I am doing ee or red I add a bit of bacon or ham. That's making my hungry, I think I will make that for dinner with some wedges now :)



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A good non-stick pan is a godsend. A bit of frylight and you're away. "Fried" eggs, omelettes, whatever... it's so easy, and tasty.

I use all kinds of things for omelettes - onions, peppers, sauteed potatoes (sauteed in frylight and herbs), a bit of cheese (hex A)... there are no end of combinations you can use.
Non-stick pan and a good spatula definitely needed. If your pan works ok for fried eggs in fry light, should be fine for your omelet too. :)

I actually prefer my eggs cooked in fry light now, anything else tastes too oily.

Hope it turns out well :)
I cook mine in a smallish pan and when the bottom is cooked I stick it under the grill to finish the top off rather than try to flip the omelette over. It's more of a frittata but yummy!
I use mushrooms, tomato, pepper onion, bacon and a big dollop of cottage cheese!
Good non-stick pan and a ggod spatula are the key. deffo finish it under the grill as it fluffs up and your cheese will go lovely and brown! Love it with wedges on EE, and some salad, a tablespoon or two of brown sauce on the side for a couple of syns mmmm lovely!


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I use a heavy non-stick pan - I usually put in 6 VLF Laughing Cow cheese triangles and sliced mushrooms for a green day.

For red & EE I usually add some free chopped smoked turkey rashers as well.

I've not tried finishing it off under the grill - so I shall do that next time, thank's for the suggestion.
i always finish mine off under the grill wouldnt even attempt to flip it, ot would look like scambled egg in my house!! lol, good idead with the wedges that sounds like a good green day tea x
Im doing EE days so will chop bacon in me thinks :D
Looking forward to it now. Only problem(s) being is that my non-stick pan is a little sticky and my grill does work but smokes like mad as we have never actually used it!
Defo under the grill and no milk, whisk it in the pan to start with. Should get you a nice fluffly omelette in one piece
Sooooooo (and this is going to sound ultra dumb), cook all the ingredients that i want to go into the omlette first, then whisk the eggs in the pan whilst its hot? Then eat :D I can do that last part fine lol
Yep, cook the bits first, whisk the eggs and seasoning together and pour over. Stir it all around to mix. Don't cook it too high. Then add your cheese or cottage cheese and stick it under your smokey grill to finish.
Enjoy it hun. Even if it does go like scrambled it, it'll still be tasty and you'll get better at it!


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I do mine in the micro wave. I have an omlette maker and it makes a perfect omlette every time. I am rubbish at making them in a pan and they flop each time so that is perfect for me.

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