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on a magic path to my Magic Figurette


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I don't know if such a word (figurette) exists in English language, I just made it up. It sounds slimmer this way.

Well, I weigh 88.3 kg and I want to weigh 52 kg. I also want to wear skinny jeans, tight dresses and lots of other things I can't now.

What am I going to do for this? Baby steps. This week I'm going to cycle to the sea and back (about 45-60 min, depending on the wind, how tired I am, etc.) at least 5 days a week. And to do a self-massage every day. As for the food, I'm going to keep a sort of Food Journal where I will write everything about food I eat BEFORE I actually eat it: what I'm going to eat, why I'm going to eat, why I'm going to eat exactly this kind of food, what I want to feel, what I actually feel, how I feel after the meal.
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The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My first report

- ice cream with coffee (I sort of "powdered" ice cream with ground coffee)
- coffee with milk and three teaspoons of sugar

- a fresh tomato
- two fresh cucumbers
(just munched the vegs one after another)

- a peach
- cottage cheese (about 3 or 4 tablespoons)

- a tomato
- three slices of "kolbasa" (I guess it's a pepperoni sausage in English)

dinner - at about 19.30, finished at about 20.00
- forest mushrooms fried with onions and potatoes
- shrimps + cucumbers snack
- a little of "smoked" cheese - very salty
- a cup of coffee with milk with 3 teaspoons of sugar
- "heart" cookies - 5 items
- "zoo" cookies - 2 beasts

Also drank plentiful of fresh and mineral water.

- cycling - yes (to the beach and back, up and down the hills, so I guess I could call it an interval cycling)
- massage - going to later tonight
bonus: swimming and just having fun in the sea (the waves were quite big, so I just ran/swam towards the one and jumped right in the middle - and laughed and screamed, of course after I'd sput the salty-bitter water out))

I also think I might be pregnant, but I'm not sure. I did the test - one stripe. (( But my periods are already 5 days late and aren't going to show up. Some of my friends say the test can't show the pregnancy so early, so I don't know. Anyway, I don't smoke, I used to drink grapes or cherry wine occasionally, but now just in case I don't. Don't be scared, be prepared.

By the way, the equivalent of "Be prepared" in Russian is more like "Be ready", which I think very accurately describes the difference in Russian and "western" mentalities. In Russia you just can't prepare for anything, Russian people are more like "fatalists" or even "anarchists", we just do, then think. Again, we had so many revolutions, mayhem and such, you just cannot be prepared for. Even in my fairly short life there was such a "revolution", let alone the whole history. I entered a Moscow university, came there from my native city (1000 km to the south from Moscow). When I left home, one USD was equal about 6-7 roubles, when I woke up the next morning in Moscow, one USD was already equal about 30 roubles. Just in one night! So when I got off the train in Moscow, I was in a brand new city, with brand new economics, etc. So the Russian motto doesn't say anything about preparing: don't prepare but be always ready that something - anything! - can happen at any moment.


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
If you happy and you know it, jump on scales! I did and here we go - 87.3, I'm a kilo lighter than yesterday. Who's awesome? I am! :flirt2:

Today it's a holiday too. Actually two holidays. One is a World Kissing Day. And the other - Ivan Kupala's Day. The second one is an ancient Russian holiday. It's a very old holiday, actually it's even a sort of pagan holiday, it was celebrated when Russians believed in lots of gods: Perun (=Jupiter), Veles (god of animals), etc. Firstly, it was celebrated on the night of June 21-22 (when nights start to become longer), but then we switched to another calendar and now it is celebrated today, or technically tonight. Well, in fact almost nobody celebrates it these days, or people remember it as a good excuse for a party. So, if you really want to celebrate Ivan Kupala's Day you need to do this: make a flower crown (and you should gather herbs and flowers for it at night too), make lots of bonfires, jump over them, burn your old clothes there, and of course swim a lot (naked!), because "Kupala" means "the one who bathes". You also should make love (centuries ago everybody would make love to everybody, as it was a symbol of good harvest and such). Oh, and it's a must for you to find a fern in blossom. Biologically speaking, the fern can't be in blossom, because it doesn't have flowers and seeds, but according to the legend it blossoms only this night, and if you find its flower you will be able to open all locks and find all buried treasures. It's red and shining in the dark. But bad spirits/creatures (whose who live in forests and rivers) guide it, they will try to make you get lost, play a bad trick on you, or even kill you. So beware!

Anyway, I might not go for fern flower (but who knows!)), but I will swim and cycle. Or I might travel to another city, I haven't decided yet. I hope tomorrow I will see 87.0.


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Am I tired! Went to a city nearby, walked there for three hours, up and down hills, all the way.

But I'm full as well. Ate mostly healthy food, but just too much. I feel like a boa, just lying here and digesting an elephant.

My little report:
activity: walking, walking, walking - a lot


coffee with milk and 3 teaspoons of sugar (today I took my favourite teaspoon, it's smaller than a regular teaspoon)
5 "heart" cookies
1 "zoo" cookie
1 peach

2 mulberries (right off the tree)
kvass (it's a bit like soda, but made from rye bread, very tasty) - 200 ml

yogurt - 400 g
mini-pie with mushrooms and potatoes (actually I only spotted two mushrooms) - half
salty squid - about 7 rings
grapefruit juice - 400 ml

kvass - 200 ml

ice cream - 300 g

fried mushrooms + potatoes
1 tomato
1 cucumber
1/2 red sweet pepper
7 grapes
5 apricots
almonds - 150 - 200 g (have no idea, I still have a package of the same size but with hazelnuts, tomorrow will weigh it).

I know almonds were too much. Well, we'll see tomorrow.

I'm going to do a self-massage with Garnier "smooth skin" gel. I also use special wooden "rollers" and my hands of course. My skin becomes smoother and smoother when I do it.


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Busy day then, I love mushrooms, sticking to grilled instead of deep fried though, but i dont do quarter of the exercise you do, keep it up walking is a really good exercise.:)


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I love mushrooms, sticking to grilled instead of deep fried though

I haven't tried grilled ones yet - I might give them a try! My weren't deep fried though, maybe I should have chosen another word - roasted - I did add some oil, but not much. Mmm I love mushrooms! I think I could eat anything with mushrooms and cheese in it.
I didn't do massage last night - was so tired, I hardly made it to the shower and then right to bed.

Today I feel like a balloon. I think it's because of all those fruit and nuts last night. It takes time to digest them. (I don't think pregnancy feels like this on the first/second month, does it?)

What about plans for today? I think I'll do the cleaning/tidying. And will cycle to the sea and swim there a little. Oh, and massage of course. As for food, I don't know. I still have those mushrooms-potatoes, and apricots and grapes (bingo! grapes and kvass and milk - they also make me feel like a balloon, maybe I shouldn't eat them). I also have a peach, lots of tomatoes and cucumbers - will not starve today. ))


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G: 10st7lb
want to wish you well :) You have all the right ideas, but maybe you should get your suspected pregnancy confirmed one way or another, as although it is important to eat well in pregnancy, some foods have to be avoided!

A bloated feeling can be present in early pregnancy...good luck :)

Have a good day!


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello, thanks for advice, but I'm not pregnant. :cry:I'm so sad. :sigh: I already talked to my baby as I slept. I was having a bad dream and I talked to myself in a dream, hey, remember you're not an only person who's watching it, you'd better watch something nicer for the baby. And so I did. )

Well, there are good sides in not being pregnant too - another month to work on myself, get fitter, exercise abs (I heard strong abs are very good in pregnancy and delivery). I also travel every year to my grandaunt for annual cleaning (she's very old, has problems with walking, can't do anything around the house). And she lives in a village with no running water, so I have to bring all water from the well and pour away dirty water. And when you clean the ceilings, the windows, the walls, etc. there's a LOT of water to handle with. So I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do it being pregnant (even if it's one-two months pregnancy). So I'll work on my body, my health, will travel to my grandaunt, come back and will work on the baby. )

Have a good, fit and healthy day! )


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
One more day passed. Well, it was pretty good except my strange tantrums during the cycling.

Yes, I went cycling with my bf. We didn't go to the sea (because of my periods) and decided to try another route. And it would go up and up the hill, up and up. Sometimes quite steep, sometimes not, but always up. So very soon I got exhausted. When we cycled to the sea there were hill up and down, so I could rest a bit, but here always up. And finally I burst into tears. I was mad with me for my weakness, for the road, for my bf. I just repeated like a little baby "Why is the road always up and up?" It sounds funny now, but then I felt really hurt. I really appreciate how my bf takes these tantrums of mine (not very frequent tho), he always finds a way to comfort me. So he did today, but the cycling wasn't too long - about 30 minutes. Well, if we remember it was mostly uphill, I guess I spent enough.

- peach
- 5 apricots
- 15 grapes

- coffee with milk with 3 teaspoons of sugar
- three biscuits with raisins (each is size of a bread slice)
- one zoo biscuit
- 15 little candies-cookies (each is about 2 cm size)
- almonds - about 2 tablespoons
- hazelnuts - about 30

- fried mushrooms + potatoes (about 3 tablespoons)
- 3 red radishes
- 1 big cucumber
- 1 pink tomato
- 1/2 red sweet pepper
- some dill and parsley
- 28 hazelnuts

I'm a little hungry now. Maybe I will eat something, cottage cheese, or sour cream with bread. It's almost 22.30 here but I never go to bed before 1 or even 2 am, so I guess it won't be too late for a light supper.


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ok, my dear, what did you expect after eating and drinking (2 glasses of grapefruit juice!) at 23.00? Yes, the weight is back.

Good thing is I didn't eat any bad food, just vegetables, soft cheese (it's a bit like goat cheese but made from cow milk) and cottage cheese. Oh, and juice! I counted the calories for yesterday - still less than I need to consume just so support my current weight if I don't do anything, just lie on sofa all day. So it means I spent more calories, and I lost something. Will see tomorrow. Gosh, I want to see 86 on the scales. Even if it's 86.9, I'm so tired for these magic figures 87 - 88, bouncing up and down.

I counted my intake for today - so far it's only 663 kCal, I can take twice as much ans still be under the recommended intake.

Plans for today: cycling, cleaning, massage


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
First week - first results.
Today I weighed myself - 87.0 kg, minus 1.3 kg. Wow! That's very very very good! I'm so proud of myself! Awesome, aren't I? ) :flirt2: And very modest, too! :rolleyes:

Today I have these plans:

- massage
- yoga (just a little)
- cycling

Oh, and I found on Internet some psychological stuff: sentences that you should read aloud about slimming, nice figure, smooth skin, etc. When you do it, it somehow works with your (sub)consciousness.

As for food, again will work with my Food Journal, it seems to help a lot.


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm 86.6 today - overcame this magic number 87. I saw these numbers for last one and half months and I was dying to see new numbers. I'm so happy now!

In Soviet Russia, bikes ride you! I'm not in Soviet Russia, but yesterday my bike did ride me. I went out cycling but I forgot it had rained, and on the way back I cycled on a ground road (not the pavement), so I got a LOT of mud on the wheels, they just stopped moving. I had to drag the bike. Then I just left it in the middle of the road (luckily, it was late enough and the road itself is rather isolated) and went home for my bf's help.

I also was very nervy and sad yesterday. Again (almost) nor nothing. I had a bad dream today, too. And a little bit down. Well, it's a new day today. We'll see.


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S: 20st3lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 49 Loss: 2st4lb(11.31%)
Well done Uva,
another loss is great, good for you, why not try your psychology site again? might help lift your mood a bit so you can enjoy you achievement, feel better sweetie. :)


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks, MsPiggy - I'm much better now. I noticed that it was full moon , I guess it gave me those moods. I like your avatar - such a cute bunny!

Ok, here are my results for the third week - 86.5, minus 1 kilo, - hooray! I'm happy happy joy joy today! I used my converter - it's 190.7 lbs. My goal for this week is 86.0 kg or 189.6 lbs. I don't mind at all if it will be 85.something. ))

My plans for the coming week.

Food: the same (Food/Mood Diary)


walk to the lake
do an exercise there
read those affirmations
(at home) self-massage

cycling to the sea
swimming (crawl, brass, butterfly)

And today I'm doing a little yoga (Monday will be my most sportive day, will increase activities gradually, start with yoga).

This week I'm going to dye my hair - chocolate colour. And pedicure/manicure - at home. Will pamper my handies/footsies in a bath with either aroma salt (mm smells like berries!) or bathing oil (very sweet flavour too).
G: 10st7lb
Well done on your weight loss, keep at it uva, you are doing well. Pleased to hear you are feeling happier today. Enjoy pampering yourself, chocolate coloured hair sounds pretty :)

(I've not bought that swimsuit yet..but i really will one day!)


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Rosy, honey, thanks for your support. I was a VERY good girl yesterday (and being very good so far today)). I did all I planned for fitness, ate tasty and healthy food, enjoyed myself.

I walked to the lake (about 1 km), did a little yoga there, then I danced. It was so cool - only fields, lake, grasshoppers, my netbook (with music and fitness videos) and just me, myself and I. I felt as if I were the mistress of the world, as if all the world belonged to me. It was so great. When I finished, I just sat there on my rug and read those affirmations, and then walked back home where I did massage.

In the evening, at about 6 p.m. I cycled to the sea (my bf didn't want to go, so I cycled on my own). There I swam, boy, how I swam. The water was very nice and cooling but I felt I was hot because I swam so much. As I planned, I swam in different styles: bras, crawl and butterfly. The latter I only practised a little for it was my first time swimming butterfly, but I was very proud of myself. Then I cycled back home.

And today I saw very very pleasant figures on my scales - 85.8! Happy happy joy joy! I've already achieved my goal for this week (of course it doesn't mean that I stop). I'm so proud of myself and so happy!


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
85.7 - another minus, I'm sooo glad. Despite my VERY late dinner - at 23.30, I still have minus.
My food report for yesterday:

millet porridge (I never boil porridge with milk, only water)
3 teaspoons of sugar
sesame - 2 tablespoons with porridge, 3 teaspoons afterward as a dessert.

stuffed pepper (bell stuffed with meat and rice)
stewed green beans
1 cucumber
3 red radishes
dill + parsley
a piece of Uzbek white bread
5 tablespoons of sesame
coffee with milk and 2 teaspoons of sugar (didn't like it much, it was sourish, maybe milk was old)
3 cookies

cottage cheese dessert (cottage cheese with dry apricots and sugar) - about 5 or 6 teaspoons
two different cheeses (both are a bit like feta) - 1 piece of each
0.5 slice of white bread

Activities - as usual. Cycled, walked, danced, swam. Yesterday I practised more butterfly, and as a result my back, the part right beneath the neck was very tired, I literally couldn't hold my head upright. But I'm very pleased with it - I'm doing better and better every day. Yesterday I practised exhale in water while swimming, and could do it.

Today I'll probably take a "day off" of my fitness. Will just walk and dance. And massage of course. In the afternoon we'll go to the city and maybe have a walk there. Or maybe a little cycling in the evening. But no swimming today.


The Bestest Body Ever
S: 14st13.4lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 14st2.4lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Rosie, I feel as if I've been sleeping and now I'm very awake and enjoy every second of my life. ))

A little gain today - +100 g. But considering what I had for very late dinner yesterday, it's a very good result. I'm still in my 85s.

My report for yesterday.

"breakfast" - didn't have a regular breakfast, just tried this and that while cooking. So between 13.00 and 14.00 I had:
- 3 little pieces of pork (roasted with garlic and black pepper)
- 0.5 tablespoon of buckwheat cooked with onions and carrots
- 2 teaspoons of salad (grated carrots + grated garlic + mayonnaise)

Drank LOTS of water. Was thirsty all day.

lunch (?) - 18.00
We were in the city, bought some food in the supermarket and ate it in the park.
- 1 green apple
- 1 banana
- 2 crisps (I'm not sure what you call them, not potato crisps like Lays or Estrella, they're made from bread, very tasty and good for diet)
- drinkable yogurt 290 g

I felt I STUFFED myself, I was so full. And everything was very tasty, too.

dinner - about 22.00
- buckwheat with onions and carrots
- 3 pieces of pork
- 1 cucumber
- half of yellow potato
- 2 red radishes
- some cake (about 200-250 g I think) - very tasty, but very fatty too
- "mohito" - put some peppermint leaves, brewed with boiling water, and added a slice of lemon.

about 23.00
was sitting near the fire and ate:
- a packet of pistachios
- a packet of Cheetas
- a piece of cheese we smoked above the fire.

You see, quite a lot of food, especially salty stuff quite late at night. But anyway, I enjoyed it.

As for activities:
- massage
- walk to the lake
- dance
- loooong walk in the city (we've been away for 5 hours, and 4 of them we were either walking or standing)

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