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last night i was trying on dresses i had and we had order takaway so answer the door wearing one and the man delievering the takeaway said u r looking beautiful in that dress. (he was about my age) i was very good and said ty but omg that gave me a boast.
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aw its great innit :)


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Awww fab huni!!

I love it when things like that happen!?


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Aw thats lovely. :)


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Did he give you the takeaway for nothing? Lol!


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well done you. thats lovely. delivery men in my area can bearly utter hello let alone give a complimemt. shame he didnt give it to you for free. the takeaway that is!


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... and a good lesson for all of us - we know how good it feels when someone compliments us so lets share the love and compliment others whenever the opportunity arises


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And always wear posh dresses....every day! Hooray!