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On-Going Weight Loss

Hello there I wanted to start a new thread for those who are OWL and have started to add back carbs to their diet and not quite ready for maintence like myself. I have less than 20 pounds to reach my goal weight and would like to see comments and stories about those who OWL and what are they doing to and etc..

Eventhough Im OWL I still find myself eating 20 carbs a day and somedays 40 carbs but never over 40 carbs. I've reintroduced fruits into my diet..

any comments receipes and etc. I'd love to hear about :D
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
(Another) Good idea for a thread, Morena!

Although I don't count carbs and just go by a rough estimate of 3 cups a day (plus a bit extra in cheese, sossies etc), I have to admit I find it easier to roughly stick to induction levels and have never bothered with the process of introducing 5g more carbs, finding my CCLL and all that malarkey. What I really like about Atkins, and a big part of why I'm able to stick to it for months (and previously years) is its simplicity and the fact that if you stick to a few basic rules you don't have to faff about counting and measuring everything. Now, a lot of people are the opposite of that and find counting and measuring to be essential in helping them get control of their diet, and I guess for those people the whole process of Induction -> OWL -> Pre-Maint -> Maint is going to be a lot easier.

For me, the thought of transitioning into Maint or even OWL is a bit alarming. The idea of introducing more carbs, even gradually, sets alarm bells ringing. It's weird because I've sort of gone into Maint before, years ago, albeit in the usual slapdash, seat-of-my-pants way I do everything! I think I put on about 5lbs initially and then it levelled out.

I don't really want to think about it until I'm about 10lbs away from my goal weight, then I might have a look through the relevant chapters in the book again. I just need my Induction comfort blanket too much...
Lady and Laura C, I'm a combo of both of you guys LOL.. I'm at a point now where I know how many carbs are in things and I dont count as much. Ive re-introduced carbs back into my diet but not consistently. One day I'll eat under 20 carbs without really thinking about it maybe another day 30 and the next 40. So it's like I have a mental calculator in my head or something and it just turns out that way. after been on low carb the things you craved or thought you wanted arent all that as you thought. I really wanted baked beans which are loaded with crabs and after I had my fix I was like was this what I was waiting for. So I dont crave carbs like before..
Ive added back fruits but crab friendly fruits like berries :) and I eat nuts sometimes but not often too salty for me.. but I guess when you are a low-carber for quite sometime you just stick what is comfortable for you.
I found it quite difficult to move into maint from OWL, and I still have a tendency to slip back into induction eating if I don't watch it.
Welcome back Jim how was the holiday?

Jim I find myself doing that without even thinking. I'll eat like Im still in induction. Some days I'll eat maybe 40 carbs but most days i stay around 20/25 carbs.
The holiday was great love, we had a fantastic time. I'll get some photo's uploaded over the weekend and post them on my success thread.