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On-Line supermarket shopping


MUST get a grip
In all the years I've had a PC/laptop at home at work, I have never done my Tesco/Asda/Sainsbury shop online....
My kids 'dont' mind' going about 1 x fortnight but I hate it, dieting or not I have never enjoyed doing it and obviously now more than ever!

I was thinking that the small amount that I need and use, including the kids stuff I can get on line. Obviously if I wanted fillet steak or something I would want to chose my own but hey, for the next month I'm still SSing then I'll go onto 810 - how difficult can cottage cheese and bags of rocket and watercress be to order??????

Does anyone else do their grocery shopping on-line????????????
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My mother does......i dunno if it is her or Tesco but she NEVER get sthe right stuff. (Oh, alright then, it's probably her!)
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I used to do mine every week and stopped when I moved house.

Just rediscovered it and placed my first order yesterday for Asda online for over 2 years. It will be delivered tomorrow.

I never had any problems when I used to use the service - in fact I used to order loads of stuff for my cafe and they delivered there no problem at all!!!
I love online grocery shopping! Yes sometimes it a bit hit and miss when they do "substitutions" (but you can always refuse these). I usually do it before I'm having a party / need loads of tinned goods and bottles etc. cos I don't drive and don't want to struggle on public transport...


Queen of the Damned
I do my shopping online, especially since I have two slipped discs.

* Tescos - very hit and miss, and some of their substitutions are laughable!
* Asda - very good, brisk service, and nice prices! Regular e-vouchers to cut the cost
* Sainsburys - a little expensive, but only 1 hr slots so no hanging around for 2 hours waiting! Nectar points :cool:

Haven't tried any others, although always open to the idea :giggle:

Mrs B

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I've used Tesco. Their substitutions are awful - even when you leave a note saying what substitutions you want. They also send stuff too close to its sell/use by date. Don't get me wrong the stuff is still in date but it's not what I would choose myself. I find they always send really fatty meat too. Maybe I'm just fussy, though.


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I've used tesco's online thingy once... aside from being 30 mins late (after the 2 hour delivery slot I'd waited through...) I can't complain about the order, I got everything I asked for and it was all well in date.
I much prefer going to the shop though most of the time. I guess I might use it again if I needed to do a real mammoth shop, or really couldn't face going shopping for whatever reason.
I've done my shopping online for a few years now, and I love it. I used to use waitrose because I loved their own brand foods, but now I use Sainsburys. It doesn't matter because I don't buy food these days! I drink lots of fizzy water and I don't drive, so I get a delivery every few weeks to stock up, and also get my shampoo, washing detergent etc delivered in one go.

And best of all, I don't have to wonder through isles of supermarket looking at all the lovely food I want to eat :D

once a month for loo paper , baked beans , washing stuff etc .................from tesco .......... never had any probs.............. dairy and veg in work hour ...x


MUST get a grip
once a month for loo paper , baked beans , washing stuff etc .................from tesco .......... never had any probs.............. dairy and veg in work hour ...x

This is the route I'm considering..... Thanks guyzzzzzzzzzzzz xxxx


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A big convert to online shopping, usually go with Asda as free delivery with their credit card, but if offers are on for free delivery have used Tesco.

There are occassional non deliveries of some goods,etc. I have also rung up if they are short dated and have been refunded full price. Could never go back to wandering up and down aisles with my trolley again.
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try using www.hotukdeals.com

Loads of tesco discount coupons for either money off shop (£10 on £50 spend and the likes) Free delivery - or sometimes loads of free points. Don't spend your points at the till. Save them up and they are worth 4x the face value. If you see nothing in their deals vouchers that you want... you can always get more than double the value flogging them on ebay !


Queen of the Damned
Thanks for that Sarah - have just added it to my favourites!:cool:


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no fair... they won't deliver to me :(
My nearest Tesco is about 40mins drive (for me!!) But its about 35miles away so they wont come out... they deliver to the next nearest village which is just 4 flippin miles down the road...

Its mad, when I used to live practically next door to one, they delivered when I could have walked there!!


Cambridge Consultant
think i'm kind of used to it by now... no shops, no mobile signal.... the views are great but means I am supposed to get off my backside to go look........hmmmm..... that means i also ought to get back in training... the Great North Run has my name in it again :O

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