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On My Way (again)

Re-Started on monday, was nearly back where I started, doing SS+

THIS time I will get to goal and work up the plans. Going on holiday in November so want to be at goal and maintaining happily without CD by then!

I find the water a chore so this diary is so I can keep an eye on my self.

Mondays water - 2Ltrs water but lots of tea
Tuesday - 2.5Ltrs water (less tea!)
Wednesday - no water yet, but had 3 cups of tea, will go get a glass now and have some before I have my soup!

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Why is it that I struggle when I get home from work, just want a biscuit with a cuppa! but now two nights running have nearly forgotten to have my last shake!
Managed 1.5l water but loads of tea (7? cups)
New CDC very nicely rang to check on me earlier just like she said she would!


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Hello :) how are you getting on so far? I restarted on Monday too and I can't wait until weigh in! I usually really struggle drinking all my water too but I seem to be really thirsty for some reason!
Hi Felix
I'm fine thanks, I find the water a chore too usually struggle to manage it all, especially at the w/e! Not doing too bad so far though but then it's only day 4! But you know what they say - Drink to Shrink
Friday - well after a slow start I have managed 2.25l water.
Spent a good hour reading a thread by a lady who has gone from 27 St to 12 St on cd in just over a year.
wow what am inspiration!

Drink to Shrink
I find the w/e far harder then week days, it's like being evening all day long!
Anyway have managed 1.5l water plus a few cups of tea, have yet to have my last shake so should go and have that now will probably manage another .5l before bed.
Been a bit more than ss+ but only on quantity not food choice.
Sunday and day 7, 1st weigh in tomorrow
Have managed about 2.5l water today really good for me and not found it that difficult.

Hope cdc scales are kind ;-)
Just been for first weigh in

lost 5lbs

Yay! Really pleased with that :)
I drank quite a lot on Sunday night and when I had sneaky peak on Monday morning my scales only showed a loss of 3lbs so was not too happy. When I got weighed at lunchtime on cd's scales this was 5lbs!
Managed my 2.25l quite easily on Monday, still on a high from weigh in!
And amazingly have done the same again today at least 2.25l.
Did have a clumsy moment this morning an spilt my porridge just as was about to mix it! Reached over to get hand mixer an sent jug containing hot water an mix all over! Luckily I have a few extra packs so still had enough to do another!

Having just read MsV's diary am feeling very upbeat and positive!

Drink to shrink
I really struggled yesterday, had my soup at lunch time early, had my meal early and also my last shake by 8pm when normally I have it around 10pm. So when 10pm came I was climbing the walls anyway I glugged some more water and this morning I have been rewarded with (an unofficial) 1.5lbs loss!
Just need to keep it up now, on the downhill slide to the w/e which I find really hard as theres no structure to my days anyway I'll deal with that as it comes, I am going swimming tonight quite looking forward to it, hope the water isnt too cold.
Well that was quite pleasant! An hours solid swimming, didn't break any speed records but for the first time in years I have actually been swimming and I enjoyed it, I can see this becoming a regular thing!
I have had all my water without too much thought wow it's becoming a habit!
Friday tomorrow one of my fav work days, that mite sound obvious but I am self employed and work somewhere different every day so it's where I am not what day it is!
Feel like I am in a routine now!
Managed my water on friday (just!)
Didnt have any on saturday but had lots of tea, I find water just so bland and it was quite cool so I wanted something warm!
Not had any water yet today either, I have been and filled a bottle so I will have to just get on with it!
I feel like a hamster on a wheel today. Just got housework and cooking to lookforward to :-/
Well I have now managed 1.5l water plus a fair few cups of tea!
I have taken myself off to have a long soak in the bath, after cooking a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings and only having a few slices of chicken and a cauliflower and broccoli floret I feel badly done to.
Weigh in tomorrow and I really dont want to sabotage it at this late stage! Would absolutely love to get into the 11's think that might be a tad over ambitious this week but you never know! Bars from next week I'm looking forward to them!
Enjoying reading everyones diarys, your such an inspirational bunch!
2nd weigh in, 2lb
dont suppose 1/2 stone in two weeks is that bad.
Had managed 1.5l water by 5pm (and several cups of tea) just back from swimming and even more impressed with myself for having done 64lengths! Think I'll know about it tomorrow lol
not weighing in til wednesday next week due to the bank hol so definately want to be in the 11's

Yay feeling good tonight :)
Was hungry yesterday think it could have been because of the swimming on Monday night, I had some extra chicken but wasn't tempted to 'cheat'
Been ok today need to have a bit more water yet but going good! Scales showed 12 St 0.25 pound so close to being into the 11's!
Well it's now Sunday and have been coasting along, had a meal out with a friend on Friday lunch but had soup and a salad so ok there! Then later in the aft went to pick my daughter up from uni, she's just up for the bank hol.
Had a sneaky peak on the scales this morning and at last I am in the 11's! Well 11 13 3/4 but it all counts :) hope I can stay on track now as my weigh in isn't until Wednesday because of the bank hol!
Off to drink some water!
Well it's weigh in day but not until 5pm. As it's been 9 days I would like 3lbs but would be satisfied with 2lbs!
Not being too bad with water but forgot to have my last shake last night! Sat up waiting for my daughter to come home cos I wasn't sure if she had her key - she did and then went to bed!
Had a sneaky peak this morning, scales said 11:11 got back on as that was too good to be true and they said 11:13! Serves me right! lol
Fingers crossed for later!
Thank-you Tano
Made it to weigh in, made sure I had had all my water and visited the loo several times before hand!
I managed 2lbs by the skin of! The scales were definitely thinking about it! So I am officially in the 11's 11:13
Got home had a bit of a rushed tea then had to take daughter back to uni, she has 1 exam left and thinks she came revise better down there!
So 100miles later, back home, time for my last shake and some more water!

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