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On The" Extra Easy" Way Back

Please feel free to comment, and advise where I am going wrong or could improve my Extra Eating.
From tomorrow I will record all I eat on here. Today out of my 10 weeks on SW has been my one day that has ogne pear shaped. Not totally disastrous but well you tell me:-

42 g All Bran, 100mls SS milk.
with 1 chopped Apple & pear

Special fried rice 1 portion- family fiver book

another 2 pears

2 glasses of water @ 1pint

1 cup of coffee, 50mls SSmilk, 2tps white sugar

2 Hifi SW bars.:eek::confused:

So it is Pear shape.

Now having hung around here for about 4 hours and having read quiet a bit, i have come to the following conclusion:-

Need to make sure I have 1/3rd Super Free.
Concentrate on my super free veg and not have to much super free fruit.

Though I have to say if it is 2 oranges or a bar of choc, 2 oranges will win over 2 carrots.
Ok so here is to Food Optimising 100% again ffom tomorrow onwards.
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Just found this again.
Not been good at all this week. Wi tomorrow night. And I will be disappointed.
First 12 week countdown will be finished, and it will certainly be my 1st gain.Though I will totally deserve any gain I get.Just a pity I did not get the losses I truly deserved the previous weeks. But then life is not fair.
Why? How?
Because I have been struggling with the scales for several weeks now.
Last weeks 1/2 lb off got to me. It was the final straw that broke me. And I have gone off Plan so much.
Trying my bestest today:-

2 weetabix 150mls SS Milk

Chicken noodle soup, orange

Stir fried veg and left over lamb Curry(takeaway version)
Activia Creamy Yoghurt.

This is the first week out of 12 that I have so much come off Plan.
Toast and Butter , about 6 packets of McCoy's Crisps.
Choc Biscuits.
Chinese takeaway and an indian.
Crazy crazy. We don't normally so that.

So Wi tomorrow and the truth will be revealed.

I know I just have to stick with this and do it 100%. But 100% the correct SW way.So will be signing up for Another 12 weeks, and will post all I eat on here.
Seems to be quite a bit of conflicting info regarding the plan put there.
But I am going to stick to the following.

Strict adherence to 1/3 plate principles. (maybe 2/3 Superfree at times)

Stop eating when full- BIGGY

Be mind full of when and why I am eating- No boredom eating

3 meals a day, 2 snacks and use at least 10 syns a day.

Use syns for anything I want- keeping them and or making Good healthy choices has not delivered for me.
So will totally relax about it.
Follow the plan and see where I am in another 13 weeks.

Need to drink plenty fluid.

And exercise at least 5 days in each week.

Off to find something to make for Group Party tomorrow night. Group Slimmer of the Year Tomorrow night.
Strict adherence to 1/3 plate principles. (maybe 2/3 Superfree at times)

Stop eating when full- BIGGY

Be mind full of when and why I am eating- No boredom eating

3 meals a day, 2 snacks and use at least 10 syns a day.

Use syns for anything I want- keeping them and or making Good healthy choices has not delivered for me.
So will totally relax about it.
Follow the plan and see where I am in another 13 weeks.

Need to drink plenty fluid.

hi hun follow this and u can't go wrong just eat till u feel comfortably full not stuffed. have faith in the plan it does work if u stick to it 100%. good luck xx
Thanks Val. I really am going to trust the plan and try and enjoy the journey.How ever long nad bumpy it maybe.

Well I used my get out of jail card last night at WI.

Managed a STS. So no gain on my card. Woopie. Makes it so much easier to feel motivated about it all.

Todays Food:-

42g Allbran, 150mls Semi milk, chopped pear, chopped apple.
1 pint of water.
Soup - lentil & bacon,Baked Spud, Co op low fat cottage cheese & chives 100g (1) Clover light 2 teasps level(2), cucumber, beetroot.
Tea- 1 1/2 sugar 50 milk ( 1.5)
Tea again 1 1/2 sugar & 50 milk(1.5)
Activia(2.5) Strawbs.
2 Fish Cakes (sw recipe) (3), potatoes, carrots,Greens,Parsnips & 1/2 tin of mushy peas.
Syns so far (11.5).

2 pears.

Exercise for the day:-
(over 1 hour on Wii).Walking to and from work < 10mins each way but it all counts.
Too tired to do anymore exercise tonight. Roll on tomorrow.

Now I have managed to find where i posted this I will be back to update later.
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Looking forward to another Extra Easy day.

looking back on yesterday the one thing I need to improve on is my "snacks". Had 2 in the afternoon and not one in the morning, in the scheme of things not important or bad, but for sugar levels and sensible eating Da de da etc.etc. Should realy try to think of more snack type things and not always 2 pieces of fruit .

Also noticed that the syns were not long in adding up. Eh maybe need to keep a eye on me, that I am actually keep a note and count all my syns. (This maybe the key to the not so good WI results)

Ok no Wii or extra exercise so far today. But watch this space.
Feeling positive about it all now and determined to give it 100%

42g All Bran, 150 SS milk, 2pears chopped, 1 pint of water.
Sorry this is not turning out to be much of a food diary, more a diary.
Been 100% for a this week, tho have used most of my syns. Not been as regular on my wii this week , been feeling really tired and needed my energy for other things.

Wi tomorrow night, and it is time to pay up again. Probably will do another 12 weeks. That will be 24 weeks in total.
So should have shifted some more weight by then.
I want to wait till I have a stone to lose before I set my PAT.
Now will it be 10 stone, 10&1/2 or will it be 9 stone 10lbs.

Yes seems very random I know. But when I feel positive about SW and extra easy, I feel I could take it to 9 stone 10lbs.

The weight I was when I started dieting.
Wi and the scales said 2.5Lbs on. Panic! Panic!

But everyone at class had put on (apart from 3 who only lost a total of about 1/2 lbs each I think it was.

Well it is thought there is a problem with the scales.So finger crossed for next WI.
Having said that I am on the "Straight Jacket".
I don't know if I am allowed to post the details of what I am eating , but just to say it is hard.
I will after tonight have 2 full days on it under my belt.Planning to do 4 more. That is the plan. But definately up till Sat.
Nothing happening that could affect the weekend I just get so bored.
Looking at the Plans yesterday I am considering going onto RED, for a week or so.
I have also signed up for another 12 weeks.
Think that is all my Slimming World news for now. Again not a food blog. That may come in time.
So mananged Wed, Thurs and Fri on the Straight Jacket. Hoping to manage another 2 days , so that's today and tomorrow.
It's hard , but not feeling well (seem to have this bug that is going about- throat, sore joints and slightly bunged up nose).
Seems to be helping in a crazy way.
Drinking about 4 pints plus a day of fluid, so all good .

Update:- really struggling today.
Have decided to follow Red Plan in the next few days. If I don't manage to stick the weeks plan I am on at the moment.
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I have loosened the jacket slightly:-

42g All Bran
100mls Semi milk
1 apple
3/4 pint of herbal T(yes I have big mugs -some even hold 1 pint- great way to increase your fluid intake)

10oz spud raw weight(baked)
50g Tuna
10g of low fat spread
5 slices of cuc(it was the endy bit)
100g Beetroot
A whole grapefruit
3/4 pint of Herbal T

It might be Roast Chicken or salmon for dinner. (salmon would be a bit less work though)

Depending on how I feel it might be jacket tightening again for 1 more day tomorrow.
WI on Tuesday
hi hun thought i would pop in and see how ur doing, i am just off to my class i am keeping my fingers crossed for a sts as i had 1 bad day this week could kick myself :asskick:good luck for weigh in tonight will pop back & see how u do xx
i put 1lb on hope u've done ok xx
Oh Val thanks for commenting on my entries. Sorry to see you put on a lb. It will be ogne by now and another one on its way too for a good loss on the scales next WI.

Well we still don't know what the error amounted to the previous week.
I apparently, according tho the new scales have lost only 2lbs.

That is 1/2 lb less than I pu ton last week and after following Fast Forward.

The disappointment in the Fast Forward week results and the big uncalled for gain the previous week, i think has lead me to eat crazy stuff since Wi on Tuesday night.

I really this that Fast Forward has messed with my eating head.

Going to get back into it tomorrow. Conting weighing and writing it all down. Also if i get a good nights sleep tonight I will begin my exercise again. Been missing it. Having the cold and things has made me so tired and I have had no energy and any I have had I have use dat work etc.

So onwards we go . I ma ready to pick up those reins again, just after I stuff this pasta with olive oil & parmesan inot my mouth.

Thanks Val enjoy your weekend.
Wi tonight. Though it is howling a gale here. Furthest thing from my mind is going to class.

I have not been optimising 100%, still feeling very light headed and tired. I think I have lost trust in the plan. What with the mass class weight put on 2 weeks ago. And me following the straight jacket and not even losing what the scales decided to put on the week before.

I had been giving it 100% for 12 weeks solid and it all seems to have run it course and I now feel let down I suppose.

So just trying to eat healthy and hardly any fat, and no sugar. Well only with my porridge.
If I decide to go to class I might not stay. Far to cold and horrid to sit through hearing how bad everyone has been and they lose 2lb-4lbs or even more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry not happy with SW just now.Pity I paid for another 12 weeks!
hi hun perhaps ur not eating enough....... compare what ur eating to some of the other s/w members diaries on here, i am quite often shocked at how much some of my class eat and are losing 3lb a week, my loses seem to be worse if i cut down too much, don't lose heart go back to basics and stick with it good luck love val xxx
Well I am back. Been back at SW since the week before Xmas. Had put on nearly 1/2 stone since I left/stopped going.

Lost 1/2 & 1/2 over Xmas and New Year. So a lb off. Just think if I had not gone back when I did before the holidays it could and would have been a completly different story.
Now I know is under food diary but it is more of a blog. Not being the greatest typer in the world and as I am already writing everything down twice at the moment. I might not complete a proper diary here everyday.

I just wanted to record my change of thoughts etc. This time around.

I think I needed to realise that even though SW is eat all you want , it still needs to be strict. Don't shoot me please.

Most important is recognising (and putting in to practice) Free Foods, Super Free, Super Speed and Super Super speed.
Also I must must count everything that is not the above.
And is therefore SYNS.

Ok getting at least 1/3 superfree on my plate at each eating opportunity is another mega must.
Using my syns or rather using most of them daily I think is a must.

All this I realised one week ago. And have tried my best to put into practice. No I have put into practice.

Even though it was only 2 and half days of SW 100% i lost 2lbs. Ok as per usual I wanted and expected more. And the previous part of the week was not bad. But it is 2 off and gone for good.

It is alot of work and I have to be organised. And I do find it hard at times to resist going over syns and having very high syn value foods etc. Again don't shot me, it is how I feel and see it.

You see there is a diffrence between not being hungry and just wanting thing something.
I find I crave things with fat and sugar.
I am treating this period as a detox. Stopping my dependancy(ok not dependancy, craving then) for these things.

I "sat down " and thought about those people who lose weight week in week out or if they don't lose they don't gain.
Their reply to the question "what would you say to anyone starting today" is read the book and stick to the plan.
So that is what I have and am aiming for (see I never said "Trying to do").
So roll on next week's WI, whatever those scales say I will know I did stick to the plan.
More thoughts and things to follow.
Trying my best. Though had a sneeky home wi should not do that , think the scales need to be put away.
More thoughts on food optimising 100%.

Butcher Steak Mince probably needs to be syned and conflict of syn numbers . Directory says 2.5 for a Danone Activia Intensely Creamy 3% fat yoghurt. But inputting it into synulator it comes up as 6.

So need to ask about this AT class.
Jut recorded my food diary on sliming world online. Was over by 3 yesterday- had a run in with 9syns of cooking choc-don't ask just lets say it was well after supper time. At least i recorded it and did not deny it. I suppose that at least is a positive.
The 2 days before are 7 and 6 1/2 under for the day so should be ok over the week.
But I must try harder to prevent these incidents , though to be fair they are not as frequent .
Also maybe not drank enough fluid the past few days.
Well still sticking to it and so are those scales. I have lost the 1/2lb I put on last week.
Class Consultant can't see anything in my food diary/diairies that would be slowing or preventing my weightloss.
Asked which plan would or might be better for me to follow with my previous medical treatments etc.

She was unsure as she do not know of anyone else in my position. So i have asked on the open forum and we will see what comes back. Hope the cancer does not scare anyone.

i have today bought brown rice and brown pasta.Going to see if that makes any difference.

Body magicing well though not recording it for an award or anything.
It certainly reduces munching time and lifts the mood.
Ok off for now blog. Lets see what the next 24 hours brings in response to my question.
As of yesterday I started the RED Plan:-

2 slices wholemeal Bread 1Hex B(75g) = 1.5syns
2 eggs,1 Bacon,Fried Pepper
1 Tea 100mls S.S milk 1 1/2 sugars = 1.5
1 Herbal T & 1pear

Carrot, Tomato& Pepper Soup
2 Bread (81g)= 2syns hex B
30g Cheddar Cheese hexA
1 Tea 75mls s.s milk 1 1/2 sugar = 1.5syns

Roast Beef,carrots,courgettes, 2 Yorkshire Puds!!! (4??? syns probably more)
195g Spuds= 5syns
Gravy = 1 syn
Tea 75 mls s.s 11/2 syns = 1.5 syns

18 plus syns

I found today hard and I really should not have had the Yorkshire Puds, I knew it as I added them to my plate. But I did really enjoy them. Not too bad for my first day on the New Shiny Red Plan.

35g Porridge hexB, 100ml s.s hexa &150 water
10g Sugar 2syns = 2syns
Carrot, Tomato & Pepper Soup
2 poached Eggs, 2 slices of wholemeal bread hexB 73g= 1.3 syns
1 coffee100mls hexa milk 2 sugar = 2 syns
Chicken bacon 1 teasp of green Pesto = 1 syn
35g cooked spuds ????? = 2syns
300s.smilk hexA 2 sugar (2) & 2 teasp cocoa(2) = 4syns
1 werther original = 1 syn

50mls s.s left for maybe a Tea later tonight. Still alos got enough syns left for some sugar with that later cup of T.
Wi tomorrow night, hopefully pick up a few tips for the Red Plan.
12 5 last week after wi. I have eaten a lot of kit kats so really unsure how Wi will go. But keep going I must.
Well today going well so far:-

2 slices Wholemeal Bread hexb (73g)= 1.3 syns
Mashed Banana
Tea 100mls s.s hexa & 1 1/2 sugar = 1.5syns

Chunky veg soup
Take out coffee 1 sugar avr = 3syns
So can you not just tell its Wi tonight.
Have to take in SW food so plan is to make Spicy Spuds and a cucumber dip.

As class is taking longer (new class manager) I was going to start having my dinner before Wi but as it is a food night no need to. Tho won't go over board.
Plan to have Chicken & Spud Curry with spicy beetroot think it was called.
So only need to count what I have at class, potatoes in chicken curry and the coconut milk in the beetroot side dish.
If there is plenty and obviously if i stop when full , what with food at class there is a good chance that there will be leftovers for dinner tomorrow night or if not lunch tomorrow.
Finding it hard to think of free RED lunches that don't involve eggs.

Could have bake dspud using my other Hexb i suppose .Think it is 230g or 200g allowance for spuds as a HexB.

Ok onward we go.

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