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Once More Unto The Breach

Hi Everyone well here I am back on a VLCD in another attempt to get rid of some of this fat.

Today is 1st October and 12 weeks to Christmas Eve which is my favourite day of the year. I know that I can be at least 3 stone lighter by then and that would be a fantastic present to give myself.

To start with I am going to do a mixture of Exante and Avidlite shakes as I already have a few weeks supply in the cupboard. After that I may consider going back to CD (did it about 3 years ago) if I can find a different councillor. However DH works eratic hours therefore getting supplies delivered straight to my door is more convienient with the children.

Think I might use this part of the forum to start a little diary just so I can log my losses and see my ticker moving each week. I've tried to keep a diary on here before but I'm not very good at opening up to people or asking for help. But as I get older (now 40) I'm finding out more about myself and think that having someplace to chart my progress will be good.

I'll be back with more ramblings later.

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good luck, you can do it! remember we are all here to loose weight and to help each other, If you need help just ask we are all in the same boat so to speak :)
Thankyou for the words of encouragement Jo.

Well day 1 was fine. I had 3.5 packs a few teas and coffees but not enough water so today I will work on that. Very proud of myself because I did not have any Coke Zero enen thought it was calling me from the fridge.

Had a sneeky look at the scales and was really pleased so hopefully that will keep me motivated over the weekend. I had said that I would allow myself a protien and veg meal once a day if I was struggling but I'm gong to try and not have anything extra for a few days at least.



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hi jac welcome back and good luck x
Today is Day 5. My water consumption has improved and I feel quite good. I forgot to test for ketosis this morning so will do that later.

I did eat some chicken and veg and drank some coke zero over the weekend. I find it easy to stick to packs during the week but weekends are much harder. Also I wasn't in ketosis and was blooming starving so there you go.

The scales haven't moved since Sat but totm is due in a day or two so I'm not too concerned.

Hi Jacsprat,
Just a quick query.
I am doing a vlcd using avidlite products - i'm doing this on my own and for the first time so am unsure of things.
You mention coke zero, are we allowed this on vlcds?
I have seen some posts which say yes, and some say no - i am very confused!!


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hi jac, well done on getting to day 5, nearly through week 1 :) I have been adding a meal in the evenings this week and I still had quite a good loss so I'm sure you'll be fine
Thanks Bluemoon for dropping by. If I can loose 15lbs in 2 weeks like you I will be delighted. Well done.

The scales have moved down another pound today so all is good. I'm really going to try and not have any food till the weekend as I want to try and give myself a good chance of getting rid of as much weight as possible. But I am realistic enough to admit that just having is packs is damn hard so I am taking it one day at a time.

StelzBelz I believe that officially we are not allowed Coke Zero but some people do drink it. It contains malic acid as opposed to citric acid. Citric can knock some people out of ketosis. However Coke Zero can make you hungry and maybe lead to cravings for other things. I'm going to allow myself to have a can everyday if I want and monitor how I feel.

Week 1 is over and I have lost 8lbs. I would have liked a few more pounds off to be honest but I do feel loads better and back in control.

Next week will be interesting as it is half term and I am taking the boys away to the caravan. Usually that means food and drink (lots of drink) but this time it will be bracing sea walks and shakes!

I forgot to take my measurements last week but today my belt has gone down a notch so thats good too.

Just checking in before I set off on my little adventure with the boys. So far I have had a really good weekend dieting wise, lets hope it continues.

I have managed to loose another 4lbs since Thursaday. Just 2lbs to go and that first stone will be gone. That should help to keep me on the straight and narrow while I am away. Next weeks weigh in will be a few days late and if I can be another 4lbs down by the time I get back I will be so happy.

Hope every one has a good week.

Well I enjoyed my week away with the boys. The weather was fantastic and we all had a great time. Been back for nearly a week now but unfortunately I have been really ill with some cold/flu type virus since Saturday. Only just starting to feel human again.

Diet wise things didn't go to plan while I was away. I did have packs but also had some food. This started out low carb but by the end of the week I was off plan shall we say. Then with feeling so terrible I just couldn't look at the packs for a few days but yesterday I was much better and managed to have 3 along with some chicken. I'm going to continue to have some extra protien over the next few days as I still feel weak.

I was thinking maybe it was a mistake to start my plan the week before going away on holiday but I am glad that I did as it stopped me stuffing my face with loads of crap. And what with not being well I probably would still be stuffing myself now and telling myself I would start on Monday.

Had my week 2 weigh in when I got back and had managed to lose 4lbs. Had my third weigh in this morning and I am another 3lbs down making 15lbs in 3 weeks.

Now that the holidays are over and I am feeling a bit better I want to knuckle down and get some more weight off. Its 9 weeks to Christmas so over 2 stone should be gone by then taking me to around 14.5 stone.

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Hey Jac, congrats on your 15lbs off, fantastic!:D You sound really determinded, so keep up the good work. Have you a nice outfit in mind for xmas day, a couple sizes smaller?
See I told you all I was rubbish keeping a diary!

AS you can probably guess when I dont post it means I'm not doing too well. Have been really up and down over the past few weeks both physically and emotionally, and my diet plan has been all over the place as well.

However today I feel stronger and I am ready to carry on. On Thursday it will be 6 weeks to Christmas Eve. I dont think I will be able to reach my original target of 14.5 stones but we shall see. One thing is for sure I will never see 14.5 stone if I carry on as I have been these last few weeks.

I will weigh in on Thursday and update my ticker then.

Hello, Ive just found your diary. Im using Avidlite and CD products too with food. Well done on your weight loss. As Lyn says think of the christmas day outfit in a smaller size:D

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