Once upon a time I had a dream ....


Carpe diem
Once upon a time, when I was almost 22st and feeling depressed and despondant, I used to daydream a particular dream ....

I'd imagine running away from it all ... from everything and everyone I knew. And whilst I was away I'd embark upon some amazing diet and then, when I was slim, I'd come back and everyone would gasp and say how amazing I looked.

I'd buy clothes anywhere I wanted and walk down the street with a spring in my step and my head held high. People I'd known for years would barely recognise me.

The I used to 'snap out of it' and sigh ..... it was just a dream after all.

..................................... and then I found CD :D

(well, nearly!)​
love it x
I feel like I'm living that dream Debbie. The other day an aquaintance who lives near us said to Michael "what have you done with Ann?" (Maybe they thought he'd put me in the freezer and took up with another woman!!) I felt so GOOD. I may look like a different person, but, more importantly, I FEEL like a different person.
What a smashing post!! :D
That was great Debbie a dream that I can agree with.
CD is a dream a friend of mine said its the closes thing to going to bed fat and waking up slim that you can get.
After 9mths I still think I am dreaming and some mornings I know I will not get in to that size 18/16 and will have to look for size 32 again but the dream is coming true and I am getting slimmer avery week yeaaaaaaaaaaa.
Well done to everyone who is living this dream.{{{HUGS}}}
When I read a post like that Debbie I feel like joining you on CD. I am messing about a bit on the cal counting, I am allowing myself far too much freedom.
The main thing is I am so glad your dream is coming true! Love
Ah Debbie- you have made me cry!! What a lovely post, you have been such a huge inspiration to me, every time I feel like I can't do it I go & look at your before & after photos & it gives me the strength to go on (I hope you don't mind)!

When I was younger & still in school (secondary) I was always the fattest in my class (though no where near as fat as I am/was!), I got a terrible time over it, you know how evil kids can be!

Anyway, during the school holidays I used to dream that I would 'magically' lose all the weight & go back to school slim & everyone would be amazed!!

Of coarse it never happened, probably the opposite as I am a terrible comfort eater & I didn't have the happiest of childhoods (not terrible, just not particularly happy!), so I would always go back to school fat & hate myself for it!!

I can identify completely with your 'dream' & though it breaks my heart when I remember back it also makes me sooo happy cos now I know DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!!

One of my big reasons for wanting to lose this weight is so hopefully I can break the pattern & my lovely daughter won't have to go through what I & many others did, life & growing up is hard enough as it is!!!

Fair play to you!
Debbie, we had the same dream!!

What a lovely post, thank you!