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One step closer to mini goal

Its only 12 days till I go away:D so I thought i better do a slight increase in my carb intake so my body doesn't go into mayhem when I am away so yesterday I had.

B- Apple( running late again)

L- Turkey Salad with cheese, coleslaw and potato salad

D- 2 Tablespoons of chicken Curry with 2 Tablespoons of rice and a mini naan bread

Snacks- Banana
Quarter of a sugared ring doughnut ( it was amazing )
Bottle of Rose wine :rolleyes:
Couple of strawberry and cream sweets

Also managed a fair amount of water yesterday which is a first

So woke up this morning and am down to 202.4lbs so am 5.4lbs away from my mini goal.

Am gonna have to be very good girl this weekend to make sure i don't sabotage this. No burger king for me this weekend then.:(
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** Chief WITCH **
I bet that bite of doughnut tasted heavenly.

It's a good idea to include carbs the way you are doing to save your putting all the weight back on by day 3 of your holiday (as I've often done in the past). I started doing this a week or so ago and have seemingly lost MORE weight since doing that than before, although I have also upped the exercise.

I'm not going to make my goal by holiday, as I leave tomorrow evening, BUT I'm feeling strong and am desperate not to regain all I've lost by being stupid as I so often am on holiday.

Here's hoping, huh?

Have a good holiday and if ever you can see a way of ingesting fewer calories than you might have otherwise, or do extra exercise or whatever, go for it. It'll be worth it afterwards. I always find it hard to get back into diet mode afterwards and suffer far more from hunger so well worth continuing if you can!
I know its a little OTT but that bite of a doughnut was probably the highlight of my week, managed to ignore the other three say there and settled for a bite.

Hope you have a good holiday I am just gonna try to avoid as many carbs as possible and the fry up every morning, might treat myself to one.

Am hopeing will be to hungover to eat to much plus will be out most night dancing so hopefully will burn up a few calories at the time.

Have a great holiday.


** Chief WITCH **
I have an American officemate here who tells me that she regularly buys a cake, cuts off one end for herself and gives the rest to her daughter. Just a mouthful suffices... worth trying, but I'd have to get my other half to chew fast!

Enjoy your holiday!

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