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  1. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Morning people.

    I'm new to this have never logged a food diary before, which could be the reason I haven't been successful up to now!!!!! I'm going to plan each days food from the eve before :) see how that goes

    Hoping for some support on here. Have been getting great support from 2 ppl already :)

    Thanks guys x
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  3. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Ok so here goes....

    1 slimbo
    2 eggs
    2 turkey rashers

    Didn't have a snack as I didn't feel hungry

    Chicken curry homemade all healthy ingredients
    Basmati rice 60g dry weight



    How am I doing guys?
  4. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    I found you Weak =)

    How was the rest of your day food wise? x
  5. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    It was good. I had a few chicken nuggets and a handful of chips for tea and a slimbo with ham cheese and tomato when I got home, also had a yogurt as a snack so not a bad day overall :)
  6. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Not bad at all my lovely x
  7. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Yep I'm not expecting a massive weight loss tomorro but I feel great already I have to say :)
  8. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    So plan for today....

    Skimmed milk

    Boiled egg

    Baby potatoes
    Beef stockpot
    Soy sauce

    Yogurt and fruit

    Whole meal toasting muffin
    ltl mayo
    Bowl of veg soup

    I shall check in later and see how it all went for me :)

    Also plan on walking my 10,000 steps even though I know I have a busy day I will not fail to do my steps :)
  9. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    So I stuck to plan for the day and am looking forward to my weigh in tomorro :) can't wait x
  10. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow, let us know how you get on x
  11. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    I will for sure :)
  12. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Good Luck with your weigh in this morning.
  13. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Well i just weighed in :) I'm down 2 and a half pounds since Monday so I'm really really please with that :) I started on Monday and decided I am going to weigh in every Saturday. It's a great start for me I have to say... About 11 pounds to go to be where I really want to be and I will get there. I can do this :) I am focused :)
  14. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Well done that is a great start, you will be there in no time x
  15. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Thanks yeah I'm feeling really good about it :) if I lose a pound and a half per week after this I'm right on track :) very happy :)
  16. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Ok so here's today's plan

    Turkey rashers


    Parsley sauce

    Sugar free jelly

    Not sure yet at all
    Maybe something basic like weetabix???
    Will just see what I feel like :)
  17. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Hi WeakWilled just thought I would say hi, I am new to the forum and in the same boat as you (got a stone I want to lose) I seem to have been up and down this same stone a lot in the past few years but want this time to be the last so doing it slow and steady and hoping this forum may help! Best of luck, you are doing great so far! :)
  18. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Hi skinny me :) ur so welcome on here :) what plan r u following??? Do u exercise??? Tell us a bit about urself :)
  19. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Well funnily enough I have just tried to start my own diary but the post hasn't appeared yet?! is that normal with it being my first one?! Yeah I am pretty good with exercise go to the gym 3/4 times a week mixture of weights and cardio but let myself down with diet. I seem to go from one extreme to another and always end up back where I started! So aiming to eat about 400 cals under my maintenance cals (which I think based on a few google calcs is about 1700 cals per day) so will be a nice steady 1lb (ish) a week! Not going to weigh for a few weeks though as that throws me off track if its less than I would hope! How about you? :)
  20. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    I'm not good with the gym, never was but I love to walk so that's my mode of exercise :) same as you I'd be very happy with 1lb a week :) eh not sure about the diary situation... That shudnt have happened, maybe try again???
  21. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Hi ladies had an ok day. Didn't get any exercise in today and had to return my fitbit as it was faulty so I have a jawbone up ordered instead.... Food was good but I did have a cupcake but I just really needed a treat and I loved it :)

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