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Online Meeting Thread - our very first!


Slimming down the aisle
Roll up, roll up to our very first online WI/support meeting! A few items on the agenda today before we start proceedings!

- Weigh Ins:
I need to know peoples start weight, if possible, you can either post here or send me a PM. I know some might not be comfortable doing that and if that's the case, we'll work something else out. The plan is that I'll record people's weight each week and then work out who has lost the most that week and you'll get the slimmer of the week award! I'm even going to design a little badge for the person's signature. Though I suppose it's quite easy to do with without knowing people's weight if you just post each week saying how much you've lost and I can keep a note of that. Up to you what you'd prefer! You don't have to weigh each Friday at 7, I know I won't. Just weigh at some point that day, whenever is your usual, at use that as your weight. I know I'm a morning weigher!

Regardless of what time you're able to join in, post up your WI as I'll go through the thread and pick up any after I sign off.

- Name:
We need to come up with a name for this meeting thing! So go ahead and post any suggestions :)

- Topics:
I was thinking we could have a different topic each week for discussion, alongside more general hows it going stuff of course. If there's any things that people would like to chat about, post up on here and I'll keep a list. I've got a few knowledgeable friends such as a gym/fitness instructor, nutritionist, so I can look into things where needed.

- If I'm not around:
Anyone fancy being back up to start the thread and post about the topic and stuff if I'm not around and can't do it?

And that's about it! So go ahead and do with this thread as you will today, discuss names, topic ideas, successes, struggles, anything that will help you along the way. Hope it helps you guys somehow!
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Lol this is exciting! Especially with badges lol! :D

Well my weigh in this week: -2.4lbs :D

Soooo happy with that cos last week I lost only 0.2 when I had been on track all week. Proper irritated me so glad this week went well!

I don't mind being a back up thread starter by the way :)
Well this is the best slimming meeting I have ever been to as I am sat warm in my back room with a glass of wine ( Friday essential ).

I'm Jo, weighed in this morning at 9st 12 and ideally wanted to be 9st for Christmas.

Really wanted tips for low cal cooking that will suit all the family, so any discussions on that would be great, along with fitness and exercise.


Slimming down the aisle
I know the feeling, so irritating and down heartening to not lose when you've been on track! I was thinking we'll start slimmer of the week from next week as not everyone would have weighed last friday. What do you guys think?
Ah this is such a great idea, and you are so enthusiastic about everything it is such a bonus, just like attending a proper meeting but cheaper and less time consuming. Keep up the good work Caroline.

I normally weigh in the morning but just weighed my self on my Wii and i have lost 1lb, so i am pretty well pleased with myself :).

My weigh in today is 227lbs having lost 1lb

Name - i do not have any suggestions i am afraid but would be nice to have one.

Topics - I like recipe and meal ideas and exchanges, this week i have started a calorie counting recipe blog, which i am pretty excited about:)

I am sure this will be helpful and encourage people, i know it will me :) plus it will make you accountable.

Thanks for this
Sounds good to me, my usual weigh in day is Wednesday but as I weigh everyday anyway ( only record weight loss once a week) I will prob change to Friday to coincide with our meetings.
Oooooh I'm excited too :D Perfect timing for a re-start as been off the wagon for nearly a week :(

Official weigh in: 150.5lb

So up a little after being ill but very eager to get going on shifting some! Not much help with the naming thing as useless with that kind thing! x
Hi Jo :) Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Also was thinking healthy christmas treats. Yeah, most people won't even count calories on christmas. But mince pies and cookies and stuff last more than just christmas day lol. Could maybe share healthier versions of recipes?

Caroline - slimmer of the week sounds good too!


Slimming down the aisle
Great ideas so far everyone! Is it sad that I've even got a little spreadsheet set up to keep track of everyone's losses? haha It may be the only thing that keeps me sane when uni gets crazy, I like spreadsheets, charts, numbers, stuff like that!
I need to set a reminder on my phone as I nearly forgot!
I'm not weighing at the moment, cant face up to my own indulgences... As soon as i'm properly back on it I'll be in there with the weighing, but hopefully i can be here with the support at the moment.

I love the lower cal Christmas idea thing :)

I'd also be happy to be a backup starter of thread if you two cant d it
OMG! I'm just the same but as i'm a dunce when it comes to technology i have notebooks all over the shop dedicated to different lists and charts!

Have officially changed my weigh day to friday to coincide too :) anna lose 10lb and be 10st for xmas........too optimistic? x
Caroline, you are so organised Thank you so much for sorting this out.

I will have a think on a name for the meetings but don't hold much hope, I'm not very creative, hence the very boring meals I make to keep low cal so inspiration very much needed guys.
Haha, I use a spreadsheet for my weightloss too!

Betterforever - go for it! 10st for christmas! :D


Slimming down the aisle
10lbs is definitely doable! There's just over 7 weeks til Christmas, so it's less than 1.5lbs a week so a sensible target I think
Name suggestion - Motivated Minis Count Down!

Lol, I dunno, I definitely am not creative! I'll keep thinking haha
Thanks, kind of lost faith in myself and gotten lazy but this meeting each week will be sure to help!
excellent idea and thanks for putting the effort in :D
I know the feeling, so irritating and down heartening to not lose when you've been on track! I was thinking we'll start slimmer of the week from next week as not everyone would have weighed last friday. What do you guys think?
It is a great idea to have slimmer of the week and badges, i love it, a spreadsheet, i am afraid i have a printed chart and write in by hand, as i am too lazy/forgetful to load the spreadsheet when i weigh myself :(
Minis online slimline ??? Again not very creative, just happy to have the support of a meeting x
I like it! Bit of a mouthful but got quite a ring to it ;)
jomonks said:
Minis online slimline ??? Again not very creative, just happy to have the support of a meeting x
Sounds good!

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