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'Only' 1lb

PLEASE can people stop using words like 'just' and 'only' when referring to perfectly sustainable and realistic losses like 1lb a week.

Every time someone diminishes their own loss, they are also diminishing someone else's.

I WI this morning and lost 1lb- I am overjoyed that yet another 1lb has gone forever, but almost feel embarrassed at posting it sometimes as so many people make on like it isn't enough- it is an amazingly astounding achievement- 1lb of fat no longer clogging up my arteries, or sat around my heart or stopping my organs from functioning properly or under my skin making me uncomfortable with basic functions

My average 1lb a week losses have added up to 7 stone 10lb- I will never feel that that is in any way substandard- I worked VERY hard for every ounce

Please lets try to be more positive- remember it was 'only a pound' going on our weight every now and then that got us here in the first place

*moan over*:wave_cry:
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As always CP, well said.

I had to wait a while to lose that final 1lb to make my 4 1/2 stone sticker and it was the best 1lb ever, believe me :D

As long as I keep losing those 1lbs I will get to my 10 stone lost :D everyone of them counts.
Thanks so much for this OP! As long as it is going in the right direction, then that's fine by me!!! I had a horrible 6-7 weeks where I'd lose, but then gain again!

I've started afresh and so far so good. If I lose a 1lb a week from now on, then I'll be the happiest girl alive! Also, big massive losses on other diets such as VLCDs are not always sustainable, 1lb a week is a perfectly healthy weight loss, so I echo the words of the OP!!!

Just to add, ALL losses are to be celebrated!!!

EDIT: didn't explain what I wanted to say clearly enough xx
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1lb a week totals 3 and a half stone in a year!!! I'd be absolutely chuffed if this time next year i was three and a half stone lighter!! And have you felt those artificial pounds of fat? They're minging! A pound of that off your body can ONLY be a fab thing!


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its my weigh in tomorrow so that 1 pound would be nice please! ;)
Good luck for the pound hun - got my fingers crossed for ya! xx
1 pound is amazing, its sustainable and ultimately it is getting you to where you want to be!

If I could do as well as you have and be as close to my goal as you are, I would be extremely happy to lose 1 pound a week.

You are fab and have done an amazing job!

I heartily agree with the OP.

Just one thing to add, because I am one of the people who does seem to be posting bigger losses reasonably consistently AT THE MOMENT. The reason I say at the moment is because that could all change, and at some point will HAVE to change because I cant keep losing weight forever and will have to move on to maintaining at some point.

However, I dont like to think that those losses would be unsustainable when I get to goal, because I have all the tools at my disposal to be able to maintain. I follow plan 100% and have just been very lucky that my losses are so good. Partly that is because I dont have any sort of a social life, so I dont have any big nights out to try and compensate for, (other than that one off the other week which was the first time I had been out in well over a year) and so I can reasonably easy stick to plan, perhaps almost too obsessively sometimes, but no-one is infallible.

Losses are only unsustainable if you see this plan as a finite plan. SW gives you everything you need to be able to maintain successfully, however quickly or slowly you lose it. If you get to target and then go "Well thats me done! Bring on the cake!" of COURSE you cant sustain it, but if you see this as a much longer lifetime plan that will aid and assist you into being healthy and fit, which is AS important as being thinner, then of course it is a sustainable thing. By suggesting that it is not, is suggesting that the person having those bigger losses does not have the willpower to stick with it after target, and that in turn does diminish and take the shine off the effort made so far.

This is in no way a criticism or an angry post, just pointing out the flip side of the coin. ALL losses should be celebrated, because of the effort that has gone into those losses, rather than the number on the scale.
Thanks CP, I feel exactly the same - my losses are usually 1lb and I won't mention a weekly loss unless it's at least 2lb for the same reasons as yourself.

I lost another 1lb for this week's weigh in, at 10 stone 2lbs this is the lightest I've been for many years and it's thanks to the '1lb off a week' I'm where I am weight wise, 40 lbs down. That equates to five baby versions of me!

For those who think 1lb doesn't amount to much, google image '1lb of fat' and I guarantee that will change your mind!
MadameLaMinx- perfectly put, specifically:
Losses are only unsustainable if you see this plan as a finite plan. SW gives you everything you need to be able to maintain successfully, however quickly or slowly you lose it.
You are so right- we are not machines and there is no reason why someone who loses large amount should not be able to sustain their losses anymore than a slow burner like me! As long as our losses are the result of sustainable lifestyle changes, that is the key to being slim for LIFE

No losses should be diminished- big or small!

Well said CP. 1lb a week over a year adds up to over 3.5 stones which is amazing. We would all like the big losses every week but that isn't sustainable over a long period of time. ( I will be om SW for a while to come so 3lb losses each week won't happen all the time :) ) I aim for 1lb loss each week - if I do better then great but am happy losing steadily.
Its so strange -I only posted earlier to someone who said they had "only lost 7lbs" since they started...I told them they need to take the "only" bit out ;)

Im in the same position as you MLM -especially the "no social life" bit oh and the obsessive bit :p... so Im making the most of my good losses as Im more than aware that they will slow down and Im ready for it.. as far as Im concerned every loss is a step in the right direction -(It has taken me years to get this big afterall) and I fully intend to scream about every ounce of wobble I shed:banana dancer:
So come on ladies n gents we want to hear about every last ounce that you lose :happy036:


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I don't think cocktail princess was saying that larger losses are unsustainable - its just when you hear people saying 'only' one pound or 'just' one pound and they were obviously hoping for more i don't think they realise what an achievement that 1lb is. A lot of people on here, when they lose 1lb a week consistently, then talk about giving up and 'whats the point' and thats a real shame. I just think as dieters we have an unrealistic view to what average weight loss is. ALL losses should be celebrated. 1lb, 2lbs, 5lbs..........every pound loss makes us healthier and closer to having the bodies we want to have. xx


is working hard.....
There is so much I want to say here but my words don't sound right
and everyone else has probably said it beetter than me anyway! - so I'll just send ((((hugs)))) to one and all xx
I think perhaps I wasn't too clear in what I wrote - I was agreeing that 1lb a week is great and shouldn't be minimised because more was hoped for. I know myself I had bigger losses to begin with but have settled at 1-2lb a week which I am very happy with.

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