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Only Day 2 of LL


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And am feeling SO cold, v weak, my tum is hurting it feels so empty
My muscles are aching and I am tired!
No pain, no gain I know
But SOMEONE PLEASE tell me to keep going and I will lose etc etc etc etc!
Well done on getting to day 2:patback:

Keep yourself wrapped up nice and warm and have some hot tea or coffee.


Have a look as the inspirational slide show.


Love Mini xxx


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mrs-p this will only last a couple of days, really!
Apart from the cold, I sometime where gloves in doors as I am that cold, BUT, the rest will go, by the weekend you will feel fantastic and full of energy.
I have found that having the packs hot warms me up quite a bit. Peppermint tea, and the water flavours (when you get them) are also nice hot.
I have been having half vanilla packs and making them into lattes throughout the day.

And when you go for your first pop in you will be amazed that you have lost already.
Oh Mrs P, it will honestly get much better. My first few days on LL were the most miserable ever, I was tearful and hungry and couldn't get the water down. I didn't think I would even last till I got into ketosis. But I did and things got much better! Take every day at a time and the weight will drop off! How much do you want to lose?
Well well done for doing day one you have achieved something. I was very cold and miserable at first - felt very sorry for myself.

As they have said, wrap up warm have a hot drink and it will soon pass - and my god is really is worth it.

Good luck and keep posting we are here to help.:wave_cry:
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Mrs P. Please keep going, it really does get better I am on day 7 & feel fantastic. Got my group tonight which I do find really helps when your talking to other people doing this. Have you got your drop in session soon ?

Stay focused, you should be in ketosis soon & it will make all the difference.

It will be worth it !!

Keep focused on the reason you started this diet, keep thinking about how you felt to make you start - it will work, you will lose weight! Come on you can do it!
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Sorry you are having a tough time Mrs P. I am on day three and have not had those problems, so I am considering myself lucky - I have just had a couple of 'middle of the night' headaches so far - hang in there - they should soon pass.

Soon be behind you and you will feel great!! xx


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Hi mrs-p,

It will be worth it, we ALL promise you.

sun xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you so much for all your comments. I am sat in work, next to a heater with my huge coat on. My feet are like blocks of ice!
Good tips re mixing vanilla with coffee like a latte!
I have split my lunchtime shake - to make it last a bit longer!!!!


Deb G

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Keep going! Get the heater on (gloves/scarves etc!) and ride it out. By day 4 you'll be laughing!


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mrs-p, everybody has given you excellent advice, I would personally get a week under your belt, everybody is different, a lot of people reach that magical 4 days which ketosis kicks in, but I know I personally had a particularly difficult day on Day 5.

Good luck hun

sun xxx
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Mrs P
Don't ever think you are moaning. You are just looking for support. We have all been there. Good luck you can and will do this


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Don't worry about moaning, that is what this is for, to help each other through the good bits and the bad bits.
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Hey mrs-p glad to see you're feeling a bit better - I'm on day 3 today and though the diet isn't giving me any bad symptoms I have got really bad pains due to sinusitis so I am suffering along with you. I know that you're aches and pains will soon stop (all except the feeling cold of course).

Stay strong and you'll soon be past this bit.
Everyone at work has told me how rotten I look today.
Looks like how i feel on the inside is showing on the outside. hehe
I know I am only day 2 but between 5pm and 6 both days I feel like I have hit a wall/need to go to sleep.
I am feeling marginally better now. Still exhausted though.
How long does ketosis usually take?
I have had a rotten taste in my mouth all day - good sign?????


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anything from 3 days onwards the norm about 4/5, just get these few days out the way and you'll never look back hun