Only just realised...i am no longer obese!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by doubledebra, 21 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. doubledebra

    doubledebra Back 2 finish my journey

    Well when i weighed in on monday i had lost 6.4lbs woop woop!! which makes me 13st 3lbs the lowest i've been in 10years and i've also come down BMI categories from class 3 obese down to overweight!!! Yay i am no longer obese!!!! Hurray!!
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations and well done!:happy096::happy036::bliss:

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Rudles

    Rudles Full Member

    Well done - I went from category 4 into 3, obese, and was relatively happy - can't wait to get where you are!
  5. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    Welcome to the club, I only just joined ;) bet you feel great! xx
  6. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    That's brilliant, well done! I bet that feels amazing! I've still got another 45lbs til I get to that point, but I look forward to it!
  7. BubblyPenguin

    BubblyPenguin Recovering Foodaholic

    Fantastic news Debra!!! I'm hoping to join you in a day or two!! Huge congratulations!!!!:talk017:
  8. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Congrats Debra,

    I remember when I was so totally psyched to no longer be obese (having been either very overweight or obese for 13 years). It is great feeling, no? I am now looking forward to having a healthy BMI again (and getting that darned WiiFitPlus off my case!). Well Done.

  9. Zoe.D

    Zoe.D loving life

    Hey well done, that's a great achievement.
  10. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Very good for you !!! :) :)

    Not long till your normal ! XX
  11. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

    congratulations hun, thats brilliant!
  12. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    Well done! Some time next month I will be going from category 3 to cet 2 and I will be very excited!
  13. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Fabulous news debra - these are the kind of wonderful achievements that we need to make it oh so very worthwhile x
  14. Fattack

    Fattack Likes to eat

    yay!!! i have one more pound to go (on my home scales) - 2 more on my CD's scales, so i know EXACTLY how you must feel :D (almost!)

    WELL DONE xoxo
  15. doubledebra

    doubledebra Back 2 finish my journey

    Thank you all for your kind words of support i weighed in tonight and lost another 4.2lbs this week which takes me down to 12st 12.8lbs i'm in the 12's hooray!!!! 1 more lb and i'll have lost 7st!! I am smiling today :) :) :)
  16. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Wow 7 stone that's my 10 year old! DD you have lost a whole person!

  17. yellowiris

    yellowiris Member

    7 stone is how much I weigh lol. Yes Debra you have lost a whole person. Good on you. By the way if the person in your avatar is you currently I don't think you even look overweight at all. You look fantastic. Maybe it's the belted dress that makes you look slim. Bring on more of those Debra.

    Again congratulation.

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