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Extra Easy Onwards and Downwards


No Coffee, No Workee
Having done extra easy for the last few weeks and gained every single week, I lost patience with it this last week.

I had intended to do it up to my WI this week (Thursday morning) so that I could say I'd given it a really good trial (4 weeks), but on Tuesday the realisation that I was most likely going to put on again made me snap, and I went back to the red/green plans for Tuesday and Wednesday.

I immediately felt so much better, less bloated and generally more comfortable in myself. When I went to class, I had lost half a pound.

So - annoyingly enough, I think I'm one of the rogue people who extra easy just doesn't work for. Doing it for the last few weeks completely undid all my hard work so far, and with this week's half pound loss, I am now exactly back to where I started. Annoying, but nothing I can do about the past.

I'm starting back on the old plan with a renewed enthusiasm now, knowing that it's worked for me in the past and it'll work again.
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I'm with you Helen, it doesn't work for me either. I love the idea of it and the foods you can have are fab but I feel bloated and stuffed on it and my OH stopped losing weight too.

It works great for quite a lot of ladies in my group but there are a handful of us for whom it just doesn't work. It's a shame.

I totally understand where you are coming from, keep up with the red/green and good luck for the coming weeks.
Jay x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Im sorry to hear that you gained during this time.
I think this is one of the reasons why Im still skeptical over it and havent tried it at all.
I would rather stick with the Red and Green Days too.
I find it fine, and in fact much easier to stick to. I don't get more bloated. I think it is easier to fit into family life and also meals out etc.

A shame it does not work for all :)

Force Ten

Serial Dieter
I tried it for a week and it didn't work for me either. I didn't feel right and put on weight. I have gone back to mostly green days and feel much better for it.:)
EE does work for me (only ever done green days in the past) but I still seem to eat more free green day foods on it than I have red day foods if that makes sense. I basically just have a bigger meat portion with my dinner than what I would have had previously on a green day.


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I don't think it works for me either, I tried it 3 days in a row one week and didn't lose, even though I'd stuck to plan all week. I shall just do EE on the odd day now and then in future.
I just find it useful to throw in an EE day when I want something like couscous and chilli - I just do the odd day and still lose. It's a tool for me, but I wouldn't use EE everyday - I lose most on Red but EE helps me stay on track when I want carbs AND meat!!
i agree with you tullulah i eat more green day foods and just chuck a small amount of meat in it or just enjoy the fact i dont have to syn my tuna in my couscous lol
I've not tried it yet just cos I think I'm so programmed into my red days that the thought of eating more than I'm used to doesn't sound beneficial. I may be wring but don't think I'll take the risk just incase.
It didnt work for me neither - I did it solidly for 2 weeks - STS the 1st week and gained 1lb the second so I have gone back to mainly red days with the odd green and EE thrown in where needed (cant afford to do all red days!) x x
It didn't agree with me either, since going back to red & green (mainly red) days I've lost 1.5lbs and 2lbs in consecutive weeks so am really pleased! I know that it does work for the majority of people in my group but it's just not for me.

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