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OOFT Wake Up Call

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by NumNumPigsBum, 10 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    Well, I feel like I've been kicked in the teeth. Just back from the Dr's getting blood test results and I have pre diabetes :eek: :sigh: . I'm 30, I should be fit and healthy. I am a bit disgusted with myself now to be honest. Let's hope this gives me the kick up the backside to change my habits for good!!

    Any hints or tips on what to eat and what to avoid would be greatly appreciated!!

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  3. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Sorry to hear that :( the good news is that it's reversible and won't turn into full blown diabetes if you get your diet under control! Sorry I don't have any tips I don't know what sorts of things you'd need to eat- have you spoken to your GP/nurse about it?
  4. pandauk

    pandauk Full Member

    Your Doctor should be able to refer you to a dietitian who can provide you with advice on what foods to eat and what to avoid. Try not to worry yourself too much, it is reversible so once you get your diet under control you can go back to be a healthy 30 year old
  5. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    Thanks guys!

    Gp didnt really say anything except exercise and try to eat healthily. She's waiting on more results to come back so maybe she'll go into more detail then? It's just a bit of a shock to the system!
  6. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Hopefully she will give you more advice! It's obviously worrying to be told this and not given any more info about how you can reverse it!
  7. First of all, stop blaming yourself. Improving your diet will improve the situation, but what you ate might not have been the cause of the pre-diabetes. There is a lot said about diabetes which comes under the heading of "blame the victim", and it really isn't helpful. It could be hereditary, or there could be other causes - there are people in your situation who have perfectly healthy lifestyles.

    If you haven't been given any advice, there are two websites you might like to look at. One is the official one which will probably be recommended to you at some point - that is https://www.diabetes.org.uk/

    The other is not official, but I have found it more helpful. BUT THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, AND I AM NOT A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL, SO FEEL FREE TO IGNORE. https://www.diabetes.co.uk/ The forum on this site has a lot of interesting information, some of it conflicting, so use a bit of common sense when reading the posts.

    ANOTHER PERSONAL VIEW COMING UP! I have found it helpful to reduce carbohydrates more strictly than official guidelines suggest. I still have fruit, but in very reduced amounts, and never ever have fruit juices. You need to do your research and decide what is right for you.
  8. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    Numnum, take the positives from this. At least you know now before it escalted into full blown diabetes needing insulin injections and can do something to change the situation.

    I'm with you on the whole being healthier thing. My MIL had a stroke last week. She's been morbidly obsese for as long as I've known her and in the last few years had all manner of health problems caused by high blood pressure and her weight and unhealthy lifestyle. It has been a reall shock to the system to see her how she is now at only 65! We have a young son and it breaks my heart to think of him having to face a situation like this in 30 years time so OH and I have completely transformed our eating habits and lfestyle since then.
  9. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    Thanks everyone! Today is a new day, no point moping around as it won't help anything. About to do my exercise dvd and then rustle up some breakfast. Will get my bubbles to help me do a weights workout in the garage later too, I WILL be Shera!! :D

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