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Opal-Mai's Inane Ramblings x

I have my initial LL meeting tomorrow and I start the plan on Wednesday, so I thought i would start a thread detailing my journey through this weight loss and program. I have spent some time looking through some of the posts on this forum and have found so much hope and inspiration through what u guys are saying that i am now so looking forward to getting going on this plan and changing my life.

Thats all for now - I'll post again after my first meeting to let u knoe how it went.

Much love

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Kool, i have my first meeting too tonight and i start on tomorrow morning, maybe we can keep eachother updated and everyone else.Im sure its going to be the best thing we ever doone, my husband is on his his 5th day and he is doing great, yesterday he had food craving but it soon passed. We have to think of all the positive things it is going to do to us in the long term;)
Good luck to you and everyone else
Thanks BL for your kind words... and Lynne, I think that would be a great thing to do to help each other along this journey.

Just came back from the first meeting and feeling great. There was 3 of us starting the plan tonight and apparrently a few others starting in the next few weeks - fine by me to have a small group, more support etc.

Came home and put my packs in the cupboard (like I would my normal shopping!!) Had a bath and read through my LL books. Looking forward trying my first shake in the morning - will it be nice or nasty - we shall see!

ok - good luck Lynne... I'm sure Day 1 will be fine


Well today hasnt been too bad all in all.
7.15 choc pack with coffee and ice
11.00 black coffee
1.00 Thai chilli soup (not as keen on this one as I thought i would be)
5.00 Vanilla shake with coffee
8.00 Shroom soup (better!) with tabaco
lots of water - still and sparkling.

Had to go shopping for OHs food and cooked dinner for him, in all honesty I found it hard as I knew i would - but thats ok, I need to learn to deal with being around food and not having to eat it - somethig i havnt been used to for a long time!

gunna have a bath and get to bed.

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Well done to you, especially being around food, lucky enough its just be and my man.
see what tomorrow brings for us both eh?
Thanks Lynn,
I think its so cool u and u man are doing this together! Good luck for tomorrow!
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You too hun
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
How did u get on yesterday hun
Fine thank you my dear. Today has been alittle more difficult but only because it is my TOTM and I feel grotty from it and my usual comfort blanket for feeling like that is lots of food and booze!

But no headache or dizzyness or any other side affects other than getting pretty hungry. I certinly do look forward to my shakes blended with ice. Choc and Vanilla work best for me, and mushroom soup with a little tabasco for lunch at work - but other than that the soups arnt really doing it for me. At my first meeting i got enough food packs for 2 soups and 2 shakes a day, but next week i will just get 5 or 6 soups for my 'packed lunch' at work and have shakes the rest of the time.

All in all Im feeling pretty good about this whole thing.

Hope everyone (esp Lynn! x) is ok,

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oooh, thats rough getting your TOTM right as you start!! Now there is a proper test,r ight off that bat!!

Hope you feel better today hon - and good on ya for recognising and being prepared for a tricky time!!

Thanks BL, Feeling pretty bad this morning - but thats down to the TOTM thing so Im guna take some pain killers as im having tummy pains and dring lots of water, and hopefully it will pass. At least its the weekend an i dont have to be at work.
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I feel for u opal, i am suffering with toothache, and i had totm last week too, but its still systems go, im not giving up, even tho food pops in y brain every 2 seconds. I do keep getting a bit emotional, but its understandable.
A few weeks from now hopefully our spirits will be lifted
Day 4

Thank you for all your encouraging comments, I managed today much better than I thought i would.

Today I actually felt a difference in the fit of my jeans!!!

After 4 days!

Stupid food - who needs it!


S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Its funny, this morning i woke up and feel in myself i have lost some weight..i know someone will tell me off..i jumped on scales last night, and it showed a loss, and my scales never show aloss for me, unless i actually do otherwise the stay on the stone, so i was quite chuffed, but this morning i feel like i have lost round my hips and tummy area, we'll see tomorrow at weigh in, or when i get dress, we are off to the coast and off swimming today, do something active
Best luck to you Opal,glad your feeling good, i too am today apart from this darn toothache keep waking me up in the night..must get this sorted otherwise ill end up pulling tooth out myself, like i did before and made it worse..
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well my scales are showing i lost half a stone, my hubby said they are accurate they are the same as LL's....its cheered me up so much, i am on a high buzz , it will keep me going;)
Day 5

OH just eat a KFC delux box and i sat and drank my water. Medal please!

Pop-in tomorrow and then 1st weigh in on tuesday at 7.30pm. Gunna go in and try and swap some nasty thai soups for shakes.

mmm shakes, gunna go and have my second for the day now!

I too have been on my scales at home (slapped wrist) and the numbers its telling me are bonkers. I wont post how much they are telling me ive lost as i dont wanna junx it but if its anywhere near being acurate then ill be over the moon. Guess ill find out on tuesday! Not long now!!!
Well done lynn on ur loss!

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