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ordered a week's supply to try

Oooh, I hope you're happy with the delivery :eating:

I'm sure you'll like the food choices, you'll soon find out your favs. Mine are currently the Beef in Porter, the Sausauge Casserole and the Cumbrian Lamb Hotpot :D
That's me just ordered a week's supply to try it. Should get it by Tuesday so will probably get started by Wednesday.
Hi Broxi
Just popped by to wish you luck on starting the diet, i have tried most of the meals now & most of them are nice but its all according to everyones taste what i may like some else might not & visa versa but i do hope you like the food, anyway good luck for Wed. :D
Oh my favourites dinners are chilli con carne & thai chicken curry, fav soups are tomato & pesto, spicy beef & tomato, fav snacks are cheese oat bakes & tomato oat bakes, fav breakie is treacle & pecan granola YUM YUM
Oh I'll like the food for sure! I've been on Cambridge and not eating any food, so whatever it tastes like it will be good! Just hoping I lose weight with this.
Thanks my order arrived today. However, I'm going to hang off for a few weeks as I've started JUDDD and want to see results on that BUT can't wait for this Diet Chef. I'll need to wait til I get paid again to order more so don't want to start a week then have to stop for a week or two. Looking forward to it though!

Are your losses good?


Stubborn and doing it
I've been thinking about JUDDD - it sounds like my kind of diet!

When I'm good on the DC programme the losses have been excellent and consistent - think about 5lbs first week then 2 or 3 lbs after with the odd 1 or so thrown in.

Alas, the diet is great but I'm the one lacking!


dont know what juddd is caroline shall have to research it, i just put an order in for some main meals from look what we found web site, do u know if its the same meals that dc do, it looks the same...i think it would be a cheaper option for me;)...
JUDDD is Johnson's Up Day Down Day Diet. Basically you fast (500 cals or less) one day and eat what you want the next day. You keep this cycle going and weight after a down day. I use Cambridge shakes for down days and have found not eating too much on up days apart from today. Don't know much about the science behind it but apparently it stabilises the metabolism and the losses are meant to be excellent. It is suiting me great just now but this Diet Chef box is in my cupboard and I am desperate to try it - can't though till next week anyway to get paid and can order more- don't want to start and then have to stop again until I get paid! I'll keep you posted about my JUDDD results though. I was on CD there but can't do that as it was giving me depression.


Mmmmm i found a web site that sells dc food, dc has changed the packaging but its the same you can order direct, just main meals if u want.I Think it will suit my pocket better :D its, look what we found.com ....i'm going to give it a try.
dont think juddd will suit me i'm type two diabetic :cry::4635:

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