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Original plan or extra easy- the differences?


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Do people find any difference in weight loss on either one?

With the 1/3 super free foods plate rule on extra easy is it not needed on the original plan or is it still a good rule to follow?

I'm starting at a meeting (and plan) next Thursday will they teach me extra easy automatically now with no choice about the original plan?
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The 1/3 superfree rule is part of the EE plan. But to be honest, it ought to be part of all the plans. Vegetables and fruit are things we all ought to be eating more of.

SW is pushing the EE plan, and information about it comes first in the book they will give you. But the original and green plans are in there too, and no-one can force you to do EE if you don't want to.
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i do mostly red days but always try to use the 1/3 rule as well.
EE looks good and offers the most variation but i NEED 2 HEXA for milk (i work nights and drink LOTS of coffee lol)
try them all or switching depending on what you doing with you day!
good luck


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As people have said above, they will concentrate on EE but you can do the others if you want.

In terms of weight loss, look around here. There are people who have significant success on all 3 plans - and quite a few threads on the same issue so it may be worth doing a search. Some find one doesn't work so well but in my opinion choose the one that you prefer most (because you are more likely to stick to it). You can then experiment with other plans from there.

Good luck.

Gail x
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Although I love EE I also really love the Green plan. You will find at class they tend to push the EE plan more but there is still the Red/Green plan in the book too.
The 1/3 superfree food seems to only apply to the EE plan but like others have said I think it should be the same for all the plans.
Afterall eating plenty of fruit & vegetables are extremely good for you.
Good luck joining the class.


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I generally do EE as I think it is more like "normal" eating. You can always syn extra milk or cheese or other HEAA or HEBs if you wanr to.



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I do EE and usually end up synning extra HEXBs! MOAR CEREAL BARS! I appear to have a minor addiction! :)

I tried original a few times, i liked the extra hexs which i used on cereal bars and cheese but I discovered then that I was eating syns for the sake of it...

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