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Ossireos Munchings


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Seeing as I know writing it down helps it is about time I started doing it!

Its been a [email protected] few years, but the beginning of last year I had a fresh start when we realised the 6 years depression and anxiety (amongst other bad side effects)had been due to the Mirena coil :sigh:!

Since its removal I have lost the weight I gained and I am now sitting at 14st 4½lbs which was actually my 1999 weight pre pregnancy :)

Since xmas I have been in a bit of a flunk, I do the diet with my DM and OH see a bit of both but dont live with either so meals are normally just me and DS. I've actually STS the last 3 months as my head really hasn't been in plan. Even though I am due on this week and in munchie mode I have decided enough is enough and kicked myself up the bum! Cant really afford to full restock so I am trying to get rid of everything in the house over the next 2 weeks but keeping it within SW (I hope!)

Thursday (Red)(1/105)

(B) 3 Slices WW Malted Danish (HEB), 2 Slices Bacon(F), 1 Egg(SF), Tbsp Ketchup (1)
(L) Apple(SF) (too nervous to eat due to interview!)
(D) Asda Salmon Florentine(F), Carrots(SF), Cauliflower(SF), Brocolli(SF) and Baby Sweetcorn(SF) also had a share of Asda Liver & Onions(F) (yes I know it looks odd but both needed to be used so shared with mum lol)
(S) Muller Yoghurt(SF), 3 Slices WW Malted Danish(HEB), Banana(SF), Grapes(SF), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF)

Friday (Extra Easy)(16/105)

(B) 3 Slices WW Malted Danish (HEB), 2 Slices Bacon(F), 1 Egg(SF), Tbsp Ketchup (1)
(L) Mugshot(F), Strawberries(SF)
(D) Asda Gammon Steaks in Chedder Sauce(4) McCain Rustic Fries(2), Baby Sweetcorn(SF)
(S) Snack-a-jak & Chocolate Quark x2(8), Banana(SF), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Iron Bru(SF)
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Saturday (Green)(33/105)

(B/L) 3 Slices WW Malted Danish (HEB), Banana(SF)
(D) Batchelors Chicken Savoury Rice(F), Aunt Bessie Yorkshirex2(8), Carrots(SF), Cauliflower(SF), Broccoli(SF) Baby Sweetcorn(SF), Gravy(1)
(S) Muller Yoghurt(SF), Snack-a-jak & Chocolate Quarkx2(8), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Pudding Rice(F)

Not doing so good today, having terrible naughty cravings, the SnackaJack has helped and I think 4 syns each is over estimating as its not a huge amount of the Quark on it .. guess its better then the bloody massive bar of galaxy I fancy lol
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Thanks so much for your comment, writing it down for me certainly does make a difference. Also has the element of 'do I really want to admit I scoffed that' lol!

Still feeling like a blob though, I hate this time of the month :rolleyes:


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Sunday (Extra Easy)(53/105)

(B) Muller Yoghurt(SF), Pudding Rice(F), Banana(SF)
(L) Roast Beef(F), Carrots(SF), Broccolli(SF), New Potatoes(F), Peas(F), Yorkie(4), Roast Potato(4), Gravy(2)
(D) Homemade Chicken Curry(F), McCain Rustic Fries(1.5), Baby Sweetcorn(SF), Rice(F)
(S) Snack-a-jak & Chocolate Quark x2(8), Banana(SF), Strawberries(SF), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Wrigley's Extra, Sugar Free Gumx4(0.5)


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Monday (Red)(59/105)

(B) 3 Slices WW Malted Danish (HEB), Banana(SF)
(L) Sesame Ryvita(HEB), Tinned Mackeril in Tomato Sauce(F)
(D) Chicken Breast(F), Carrots(SF), Cauliflower(SF), Brocolli(SF), Gravy(2)
(S) Muller Yoghurt(SF), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Mini Chupa Chup(1), Options(2), Squirty Cream(3)

Well I know this is only a food diary but I am going to mumble and rant here anyway as I want to get it off my chest!

Actually quite pleased with myself that I haven't just turned to food for comfort. Rather upset as OH just rang up, they have increased his shifts so we can only see each other on Wednesday night for class. He only works 30 hours a week but they are all over the place so it is impossible to plan anything and because I have DS to consider I cant just pop over when I feel like (if that makes sense). Whilst these stupid hours will be ok when we eventually do live together, while we are apart it just feels a tad frustrating. I know in the morning this will all seem so silly and irrational and it is tiny in the scheme of life, but at the moment I feel sad and alone and at a bit of a strange place as normally I would have turned to food by now lol!
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Certainly felt a bit better after sleeping on that news. However today was not so hot and still feeling as bloated as an old tug boat even though AF is just about starting. Had a Mystery Shop last night and did head out with good intentions that I somehow lost by time I arrived at the venue :rolleyes:

Tuesday (Extra Easy)(98/105)

(B) Banana(SF)
(L) Chicken chunks(F), Blueberries(SF), Raspberries(SF), HiFi (HEB)
(D) Onion Rings(12), Steak(F), Gammon(F), Chicken(F), Sausage(5), Tomato(SF), Fried Egg(1), Small Bowl Curly Fries(15), 69p Mini Chocolate Mousse shared(3)
(S) Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), TicTacs(3)

Was rather annoyed with myself for nabbing a share of the onion rings starter, I was glad I opted for the curly fries with cheese as they were tiny compared to the regular chip portion that my friend had that he couldn't even finish, pretty much a handful with a small sprinkle of cheese on!

Actually had a bad stomach about 1am, think it was my body going OMG what the hell are these FRIED things :eek: I have my weigh in today, really not expecting miracles as still bloated and having had a big meal last night when I would normally have something light :rolleyes:
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Wednesday (Green)(107/105)

(B) Banana(SF), Blueberries(SF)
(L) Mugshot(F)
(D) Beans(F), Rustic Homefries(4), Cheese(HEA)
(S) Muller Yoghurt(SF), Various odd bits in the taster(5), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF)

End of week and lost 1lb making me 14st 3½lbs which I am quite happy with especially after the big meal yesterday and I am still bloated for AF!
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Well a new week begins, I am going to try the alternate days again as I enjoyed it more then I imagined I would last week. Bit skint this week so I dont think I can ply myself with as many strawberries as last week and also hoping to empty the freezer so may have some very odd meals :rolleyes:

Thursday (Extra Easy)(12/105)

(B) Banana(SF)
(L) Savoury Rice, Thai Sweet Chilli flavour(F)
(D) HM Bolognaise thing in freezer(F), Passata(SF),Wholemeal Pasta(F), Spinach(SF), 70g Cathedral City Light Cheese(HEB+4.5)
(S) Muller Yoghurt(SF), Quark(SF), Options(2.5), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Snack-a-Jak(5), Grapes(SF)
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Feeling a bit blah this morning, just bickered with the OH (hate talking on phone and text, leads to all sorts of problems) I had arranged for DS to be with his dad so I could pop over to see him after his evening shift and stay the night, but he decided because he has to get up early it wasn't worth it, which sort of made me feel really rejected as to me ANY time is worth it *sigh* I can see where he is coming from, but I still feel sulky and rejected :rolleyes:

Going to try to not let it spiral into eating again. Havent really decided my day today as got odd things in. I really wanted to stick to my Red/EE/Green pattern so will need to come up with something out of nothing for a red day methinks.

Friday (Red)(21/105)

(B) 2 Scanbran(1), Puffed Wheat(2.5), Banana(SF), Muller Yoghurt(SF)
(L) Ryvita(HEB), Tuna(F), Extra Light Mayo(2), Cheese(HEA)
(D) Asda Salmon Florentine(F), Cauliflower(SF), Carrots(SF), Brocolli(SF)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Sugar Free Gum(1.5), HiFi Bar(HEB), Horlicks(2)

Just walked to college, 15 minutes with a massive hill at the end and will be 15 minutes on way back, maybe quicker as its downhill ;)
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Saturday (Extra Easy)(63.5/105)

(B) Slept in so no brekkie :eek:
(L) Savoury Rice, Mexican flavour(F)
(D) Subway Club Salad(F)(HEB)(3)
(S) Muller Yoghurt(SF), Quark(SF), Options(2.5), Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Snack-a-Jak(7), Ben & Jerrys(30), Satsumas(SF)

Bit of a flexi day today. Decided to go to the movies at 9pm tonight and we had a treat at the Ben & Jerrys stand :break_diet:. Thoroughly enjoyed and savoured every mouthful so no regrets :giggle:

Will still try to keep within the 105 for the week though.


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Sunday (Red)(76.5/105)ooops had to go red not green due to offer of salad!

(B) Puffed Wheat & Scan Bran(HEB), Muller Yoghurt
(L) Snack-a-Jaks :eek:(7.5)
(D) Subway Club Salad(F)(HEA)(3)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Raspberries(SF), Quark(SF), Options(2.5), Grapes(SF), Eggs(SF), Wholemeal Bread(HEB)
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Monday (Extra Easy)(87/105)

(B) Muller Yoghurt(SF)
(L) Wholemeal Bread(HEB), Joes sausages(F), Bacon(F), Egg(SF), Tomato Ketchup(1)
(D) Homemade Chilli(2), Rice(F)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Grapes(SF), Mini Twister(2.5), Solero(5)

Bit lacking in Super Free foods these last few days as when I am good and buy strawberries etc I am then bad and scoff them all in one go lol!

Another job interview tomorrow, this job again is full time but a good location for when I move. Fingers crossed I get it, then I can afford to get even more strawberries!


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End of week two and a STS making me still 14st 3½lbs (my cursed weight, it appears in my book over 10 times now). I really hate rent week, too broke to buy much food and I know the lack of Superfrees are not helping much.

I have a job interview tomorrow so expecting the day to be a bit all over the place. Still not feeling the urge to have a binge with all the stress which I am pretty chuffed with tbh.


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Well since hearing the news on Friday that I have been successful in securing myself a job :bliss:(after not working for nearly 2 years) I have pretty much fallen off the wagon :break_diet:

When going for the 2nd interview on Thursday I bought myself a pack of Midget Gems (which I have been craving for weeks) which I ate in the car as I was driving up the motorway, also I have had one of my all time favourite subs (BMT) and a cream tea yesterday. All of which I have totally enjoyed but I want to try to get back on track (else I may not fit into my suits for my start day next Friday!)

Sunday (Extra Easy)(6/60)

(B&L) Oat-so-Simple & Scanbran(HEB)
(D) Home-made Chilli(2) including Peppers(SF), Onions(SF), Mushrooms(SF), Kidney Beans(F), Rice(F), Carrots(SF), Cauliflower(SF), Baby Sweetcorn(SF), Brocolli(SF)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Blueberries(SF), Snack-a-Jack Chocolate Popcorn(4), Banana(SF), Orange(SF)


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Monday (Extra Easy)(16.5/60)

(B&L) Pasta(F) M&S Tinned Meaty Bolognaise(2.5), Cheese(HEB)
(D) Subway Club Salad(F)(HEA)(3)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Blueberries(SF), Aniseed Balls(5), Banana(SF), Orange(SF)


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Well after my shocking 3.5lb weight loss last Wednesday everything has sort of gone to pot for me. Started work on Friday, loved every minute and it should be fine for sticking to plan too (other then the fab cafe down the road) as there is a microwave/toaster/kettle at my disposal and I can have anything I want in the office really as I will be there on my own most the time. However I haven't really been on plan the last couple of days :break_diet:but ho hum, start again!
Sunday (Red)

(B) Oat-so-Simple & Scan Bran(HEB)
(L) Pork Steaks(F), Brocolli(SF), Cauliflower(SF), Carrots(SF), Gravy(2)
(D) Salmon(F), Brocolli(SF), Cauliflower(SF), Carrots(SF)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Raspberries(SF), Orange(SF), Milky Bar(3.5)


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Monday (Extra Easy)

(B) HiFi bar(HEB)
(L) Yogurt(SF), Orange(SF), Snack-a-Jak Popcorn(4)
Home-made Chilli(2) including Peppers(SF), Onions(SF), Mushrooms(SF), Kidney Beans(F), Rice(F)
(S) Skimmed Milk(HEA), Tea(SF), Diet Soda(SF), Raspberries(SF), Aniseed Balls(2), Banana(SF)
Well I have really neglected things these last few weeks, started work on 29th May. I'm working full time after being at home for just over 18 months (prior to that I was part time 18 hours per week for 2 years!). I also found out yesterday that my absolute had been granted (funnily enough on the same day I started my new job!) and as so many new starts seem to be happening then I deserve to be doing this plan seriously.

I cant go to my class at the moment, handed over the money role to my OH and I am hoping to be able to catch end of class every fortnight from next week. Although I haven't been to plan much, I don't think I have gained much either. I still have the opportunity to be a good 2 stone lighter by end of year if I get on with it.

Going to do an ASDA shop in next couple of days and start writing things down from tomorrow.
Thursday June 18th (10/105)
Pudding Rice(F), Banana Mullerlight(SF)
[L] Ainsley Harriot Cous Cous(2)
[D] Home Made Bolognaise(F), Spaghetti(F), Cheese(4)
Skimmed Milk(HEA), Strawberries(SF), Raspberries(SF), 2 Babybel Light(4)
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