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OT - Gok Wan last night


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If you didnt see it, Cilla Black was on and Gok said something about her needing a 14 and she got really annoyed saying she wasnt a 14 and she would rather loose weight than buy a 14:mad:

I love Gok, but i must admit i was a bit taken back when he didnt say anything like, what the heck is wrong with being a size 14!!

Ok maybe im being a little too sensitive as i have just got into a 14 from an 18 and feeling well chuffed with myself:D
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Actually he may well have said something and it was edited out, they often have to be very careful what they say, as saying "what is wrong with being a size 14" could be seen to be promoting unhealthy eating, as if you a short this could mean you are overweight.

It's really silly, because a size 14 is hardly FAT, it's just they have to be really careful... that's a possibility anyway!

Well done on your amazing loss though! :) I've just crept out of the 14's on top, still waiting for my bottom to catch up haha :D


can see the end in sight!
i am aiming for a 14 on bottom and a 12 on top.... and i would be extremely happy with that, having been a size 18 or more since i was 14 years old! not everyone looks good at a size 8 amyeve, you have done so well, so don't let it bother you!


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I think it was because she's actually a size 10 (well, the jacket she had on later in the show was).
I'd be gutted if someone shouted out in a department store that I was two sizes bigger than I am (no matter what size I was!)


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I thought Cilla Black came over as a complete dork actually - fancy flying to the US just to buy jeans! And when she came out in the TopShop ones, there is no way she's a size 10 - there was a definite muffin top there, lol! :D

I reckon she's one of those women who've had men fawning over her all her life, and now she doesn't know which way is up, and thinks everything they said is true! :rolleyes:

(I also thought the Seaford woman's new wardrobe was soooo boring - and she looked like an off-duty sailor in some of that stripey stuff!)

Not one of Gok's better shows - even if he did win the catwalk contest...:cool:

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