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OT - If you won the lottery...

big bear

A bear on a mission!
what would you spend the money on?

- I would give my family some (I suppose have to give in laws some :()

- I would pay off our debts and I know this sounds mad but I'd pay a few years in advance on our council tax/electric/gas etc

- I would obviously pay of the mortgage and move to a bigger house (not huge just a comfortable 3 bed)

- I would probably go on holiday somewhere lovely

- I would give some to charity

- I would invest the rest so that we could live of the interest.

- I'd get electrolysis (sp?)

I'm bored so just humour me...
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Slow but sure....
I would go to Australia to see my son.

My DH could retire now instead of 2 years from now.

Treat my family.

Buy a brand new Motorhome.

Build a big extenstion on our bungalow so we have extra room when the family come to stay - we live 30 yards from the beach, so I wouldn't want to move.

Maybe consider some lipo-suction (but I am a coward!!!)

Invest some money in property around here and rent them out for holiday lets.

Take all the family on a gorgeous once in a lifetime holiday.

Make a donation to the RSPCA, NSPCC and the MacMillan Nurses Cancer Charity.

That will do for now I think, LOL....
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Ahh the lottery...I AM going to win tonight/tomorrow night/wednesday night!! Haha. If I won I would:

- Give all my family & close friends some money/presents

- Buy my Nan & Grandad a new bungalow away from their
noisy neighbours

- Buy a nice big house with an indoor swimming pool &
gym for me and a nice big house for my parents

- Take my parents on holiday somewhere very hot

- Give money to children's charities

- If I won enough I'd leave work forever haha

- Maybe invest in a business or something and make more
money? lol

Ahh...wishful thinking!!


Gold Member
I would buy a great huge gorgeous country house (depending on my win) and hire a personal trainer to rip me into shape!!! haha!

Treat all my loved ones in whatever way I could afford (again depends on winnings!)

I might go and get a ticket now - otherwise this dream has no chance!!! :D xxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I would buy a great huge gorgeous country house (depending on my win) and hire a personal trainer to rip me into shape!!! haha!

Treat all my loved ones in whatever way I could afford (again depends on winnings!)

I might go and get a ticket now - otherwise this dream has no chance!!! :D xxx
Yeah do as it's a rollover....and the euromillions is huge.

If you do win make sure you send me a few £'s as I reminded you to get a ticked lmao x


loves to chat & post
  • Personal trainer ( a handsome one)
  • New house decorated how i want it with pool etc!!
  • Long lovely holidays
  • Buy mum and dad a house
  • Buy loads of shoes and bags form russell and bromley/blahnicks/choo's etc etc
  • open a slimming world resturant!!! lol
  • get a scientist to find a nice syn free alcoholic drink
that will do for now!!

Carla xx


Full Member
I'd buy a black Porshe 911 4 s with white leather
and a house in koh Samui , Thailand

Then i'd be totally happy LOL :)


Full Member
Leave work :party0011:
Buy my kids a house each :sign0168:
Buy myself a new bungalow ;)
Give some to Lupus UK :thankyou:
Travel first class to far flung places :character00255:
and Carla, if you want a partner, I reckon that sw restaurant is a great idea!! :eating:

If only!! :cross:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Go to a health farm somewhere hot to decide how to spend the money!

See the boys ok
Buy a house in the country and a penthouse flat in a town , near a GOOD hospital (for when I get too decrepit to cope with the country)
Give a big lump to Help for heroes.

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
I'd like to win enough money to pay for my divorce... THEN (when my ex won't qualify for any) I'll win the lottery and do all the usual things (family, charity, big house).

Also I'd like to set up a little school/place of safety, for children who live by picking through rubbish, on dumps. Poor little mites.
If I won the lottery.
I would buy a new house with 4 bedrooms and adopt a child
go on a shopping spree
treat my family
go on holiday
set up something that would make a difference to peoples lives
if i won the lottory..

i would pay off all my mums debts, ship her and the kids off to aussie and set her up for life. I would also pay for her to have her eyes operated on.

then i would buy my sister the house of her dreams, in the catchment area of a good school, and set her up so that she only had to work to two days a week, so she could spend all her time with my neice untill she's old enough for school.

i would also do the same for my best friend.

then i would buy mine and joes first house, but not just our first, our dream house., that would be our home forever. Take us on holidays and pay for the wedding of my dreams! lol Start a college fund for our non exsistant children, lol

pay for an inman aliner so that i could have my teeth straight..

and buy my own salon, set up from scratch and run it how i think a salon should be run. . and pay for more courses to add to my hairdressing quals.

I'd also donate a huge amount to breast cancer awarness and have regular bupa health checks for all my family and myself.

i would also pay for private healthcare for my brother and his wife so that they could have the proper help they need for their conditions.

and i'd buy Mott house in cornwall, and bring it up to standard, i love that house.

and i'd set up my own slimmingworld group :)
now let me think

a nice house 5 or 6 beds with en suite bathrooms and a bunaglow in the grounds for my mum
a cleaner to tidy the place,
a chef to prepare good healthy slimming world meals.
I would by the hubby a porsche
i would learn to drive before buying myself a nice little car
private education for my son hes 4
boob reduction and uplift
personal trainer
a walk in closet worthy of a wag
veneers on my teeth
private healthcare for all my family
long holidays
holiday homes
charity donations
i would get married again ( even tho we only did it last aug)
have a baby
houses for my nearest and dearest

think i would spend it pretty quicky so need a big win lol


Silver Member
Hmm .... Would give up my job
buy a big house somewhere in the middle of nowhere (after learning to drive)
pay off all debts (including those of my family and best friend)
liposuction (if I was brave enough)
laser eye surgery (again if brave enough)

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